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To attain maximum oral health, start your day with ORACURA's advanced solutions. Our combo packs of Sonic Electric Toothbrushes & Water Flossers are paired together with utmost precision and care to provide you the ultimate protection against germs and oral problems. Eliminate gum problems and get a professional-like cleanup with ORACURA's combo pack of oral care solutions. 

Ultimate Premium Combo Water Flosser & Electric Rechargea...
Ultimate Premium Combo Water Flo...
₹ 9,400.00₹ 6,799.00Sale
4 reviews
Family Smart Care Combo Water Flosser, Electric Rechargea...
Family Smart Care Combo Water Fl...
₹ 6,900.00₹ 4,599.00Sale
1 review
Sonic Smart PLUS Combo Water Flosser & Electric Rechargea...
Sonic Smart PLUS Combo Water Flo...
₹ 5,900.00₹ 3,899.00Sale
13 reviews
Dual Care Combo Water Flosser & Electric Rechargeable Too...
Dual Care Combo Water Flosser & ...
₹ 5,200.00₹ 3,099.00Sale
1 review
Smart Care Combo Water Flosser & Electric Rechargeable To...
Smart Care Combo Water Flosser &...
₹ 5,000.00₹ 2,899.00Sale
9 reviews
Early Care Smart Combo Water Flosser & Electric Rechargea...
Early Care Smart Combo Water Flo...
₹ 4,800.00₹ 2,799.00Sale
2 reviews
Economical Combo Water Flosser & Electric Battery operate...
Economical Combo Water Flosser &...
₹ 3,800.00₹ 2,299.00Sale
10 reviews
SB300 Family Pack 1 Year Oral Care Combo Electric Toothbrush
SB300 Family Pack 1 Year Oral Ca...
₹ 9,940.00₹ 7,099.00Sale
1 review
SB200 Family Pack 1 Year Oral Care Combo Electric Toothbrush
SB200 Family Pack 1 Year Oral Ca...
₹ 4,820.00₹ 2,399.00Sale
2 reviews
SB100 Family Pack 1 Year Oral Care Combo Electric Toothbrush
SB100 Family Pack 1 Year Oral Ca...
₹ 3,220.00₹ 1,699.00Sale
1 review

ORACURA provides a wide range of Oral Care Combo Packs that you can choose from, depending upon your requirements and budget constraints. By attaining the benefits of its advanced features, one can ensure the complete elimination of oral diseases. Check out the various combo packs below:

Ultimate Premium Combo Pack: Our Ultimate Premium Combo Pack with OC400 and SB300 helps in attaining absolute oral care protection. SB300 gives the world's highest sonic speed with 48,000 strokes per minute and OC400 is ideal for removing up to 99.9% of plaque from the mouth. This combo pack comes with ultra-effective and advanced features to make your oral care journey a seamless process.

Sonic Smart PLUS Combo: The amalgamation of ORACURA's OC200 Water Flosser and SB200 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is the perfect match to obtain the best oral care. Get superior protection against germs and bacteria by attaining the features of our Sonic Smart PLUS Combo. It is rechargeable, travel-friendly, and comes with various custom modes to cater to individual oral care requirements.

Sonic Smart Combo: ORACURA's Sonic Smart Combo of OC001 and SB100 is the ultimate combination for obtaining a healthy dental care regime. This combo pack is portable, travel-friendly, and comes with varied modes of operation. Save time and effort by optimizing the benefits of our Sonic Smart Combo pack for ultimate convenience and comfort.

Ultra-Sonic Smart Combo: The amalgamation of OC100W and SB100 helps in preventing gum diseases, bad breath, tooth decay and ensures effective plaque removal. SB100 comes with an in-built timer, 40,000 strokes per minute, and 5 brushing modes whereas OC100 provides a long-lasting flossing experience with a higher capacity water tank. It's time to go beyond just manual oral care and attain a professional clean feeling with our Ultra-Sonic Smart Combo.


Why is ORACURA's Combo Pack the right choice for me?

Our Combo Packs are specifically paired together to suit your oral care needs and provide the best solution for your oral problems. Get a professional-like cleanup with our premium products to eliminate germs, plaque, and oral diseases by attaining healthy and strong gums. To learn more, visit

I want maximum care of my Oral Health. Which combo pack should I purchase?

ORACURA's Combo packs help in attaining the best dental care with its advanced features and utmost hygiene. You can choose amongst a variety of oral care products, depending on your budget and requirements. To learn more about the various combo packs offered and their features, visit

Is ORACURA's Sonic Smart PLUS Combo portable and travel-friendly?

Yes, ORACURA Smart PLUS Water Flosser OC200 + Oracura Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush SB200 is portable and travel-friendly. One can use this product anywhere, anytime and it is highly convenient & easy to use. To learn more, visit ORACURA's Sonic Smart PLUS Combo page

How often should we use these combo packs?

For best results, it is advisable to brush and floss your teeth, twice a day. Try to use the water flosser after meals and before going to bed in order to remove all the stuck particles between the teeth. In order to attain utmost oral health, read our blog on "Top 5 Tips to Maintain Oral Health at Home."

Can we clean the tank of the water flosser?

ORACURA's water flosser tanks are detachable, making the cleaning and hygiene of the flossers an easy & manageable task. You can simply detach the tank, clean it thoroughly and wipe it with a soft cloth. 

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