OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®
OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®

OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ®

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Key Highlights:
Icon Extremely Compact

Extremely Compact

Icon Travel-Friendly


Icon Upgraded Features

Upgraded Features

Icon Rechargeable<br>Batteries</br>


Icon 360Ā° Rotary Nozzle

360Ā° Rotary Nozzle

Icon 120ml Tank Capacity

120ml Tank Capacity

Product Description

Compact PLUS Water Flosser OC400 |
360 Degree Rotary Nozzle |
Portable and Rechargeable |
120ml Water Tank Capacity

ORACURAĀ® Compact Plus Water FlosserĀ® OC400 is 5x more effective in the elimination of plaque & tartar build-up from the mouth. Save time and effort with regular usage of our cordless water flosser that will help in making your oral care journey a seamless ride.

Advantages of Flossing

* Removes Plaque & Tartar Build-Up
* Easy to Clean Around Braces
* Advanced Protection Against Bacteria
* Easy To Carry & Compact
* Helps in Upgrading Oral Health

Unique Features & Advanced Technology

* 3 Modes of Flossing (Normal, Soft, Pulse)
* 0.6mm Ultra-Fine Water Jet Spray
* Long-Lasting Charge
* 4 Hours of Fast USB Charging Lasts Up To 30 Days
* 1500 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
* 6 Nozzle Tips
* Product Carry Pouch For Easy Storage

Package Details
  • OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ® Main Unit
  • 120ml Water Tank
  • Product Carry Pouch
  • 6 Nozzle Tips (2 Standard Tips, 1 Tongue Scraper Tip, 1 Orthodontic Tip, 1 Pocket Tip and 1 Implant Tip)
  • USB Cable
  • Operation Manual
Cleaning & Storage

The water flosserĀ® comes with a protective carry pouch for easy storage of the unit. 

  • Clean the nozzle tips after flossing. 
  • Replace the nozzle tips after every 3-4 months.
  • Rinse the water tank with water.
  • Clean the product's external surfaces  
  • Store the product in a cool & dry place to avoid germs. 
Product Warranty

OC400 Compact PLUS Water FlosserĀ® is supported with a warranty period of 2 years. 
For any product-related queries and doubts, you can contact our support team at +91 7738733700 (10am-6pm) | support@oracura.in

Please note that the warranty does not include the product accessories. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product have a protective case?

ORACURA's Compact PLUS Water Flosser is provided with a protective pouch. Also, there is already a compartment inside the product for tip placements. Along with this, this product is of compact design and it could be easily carried and placed without the case. You can watch our Youtube Video to learn about how to use Compact PLUS Water Flosser OC400.

Will the water flosser work with hot saline water?

ORACURA Compact PLUS Water Flosser can maintain water temperature up to 40Ā° C. However, it is recommended to use fresh water at room temperature instead of hot saline water.

Where can we get spare tips for the unit?

The Compact PLUS Water Flosser OC400 by default comes with 6 nozzle tips which include 2 Standard tips, 1 Tongue Scraper tip, 1 Perio Tip, 1 Pocket Tip, and 1 Implant Tip. However, one can always purchase additional tips as per their requirements and needs. Our tips and product spare parts are easily available on the website. For more details, visit https://oracura.in/collections/water-flosser-accessories

How many operation modes does this product provide?

OC400 provides 3 modes of operation i.e. normal, soft, and pulse depending upon your oral care requirement. Normal mode helps in removing stains and food residue and effectively prevents bad breath. The soft mode is specifically designed to make oral care more comfortable for people with sensitive teeth. Pulse mode cleanses the inner part of the teeth, including gaps and braces. Select the mode that best fits your oral care needs.

What is the tank capacity of the water flosser, is it low?

Compact PLUS water flosser can be carried even in pocket & thus has constraints of water tank capacity. It comes with a 120ml water tank. If portability and a travel-friendly oral care solution are your utmost priority, then this product is the perfect fit for you.