ORACURA Sonic Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser Accessories help you in keeping your dental care products in shape, thus ensuring effective removal of plaque and prevention from gum diseases. It will assist the flossers and brushes to clean between the teeth, reaching the most isolated areas of your mouth.

We offer a great deal on our Accessories that will help us maintain the overall quality of your oral solutions. You can choose from a variety of brush heads and Water Flosser Accessories that will be a compatible match with our varying oral solutions. Check it out:

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Keep your water flossers and sonic electric toothbrush fresh & new as ever by replacing their tips and brush heads respectively. ORACURA's Water Flossers and Sonic Electric Toothbrushes help you in upgrading your overall oral care routine. Our products' spare parts and accessories come with top-quality material for you to maintain your absolute oral hygiene.

You can also obtain an additional protective case and high-capacity water tank for maximum care of your oral health products. ORACURA's protective case will serve as the best storage unit for your OC001 and OC010 flossers. It is lightweight and ensures complete protection to the main water flosser unit. ORACURA's high-capacity water tank will help you upgrade your water tank capacity of OC001, OC100, or OC010 units.


How often should I replace my sonic electric toothbrush head? Is it necessary?

It is recommended by dental professionals to replace toothbrush heads after every 3-4 months. It is necessary to replace the brush heads in order to maintain proper hygiene levels of the toothbrush and ensure effective cleaning of teeth. For more details, visit

What are ORACURA's Orthodontic tips used for?

Orthodontic tips are specifically designed for people wearing an Orthodontic appliance. If you're facing any difficulty or inconvenience in cleaning the teeth and gums with the orthodontic appliance, then it is advisable to select this tip for better convenience in flossing. To learn more, visit Oracura's Orthodontic Tip web page. 

Will ORACURA's Tongue Scraper tip replacement nozzle be compatible with the OC100 Water Flosser?

ORACURA's Tongue Scraper Tip Replacement nozzle is compatible with OC001, OC010, OC100, and OC200 models of Water Flossers. To learn more, visit our Tongue Scraper Tip page. 

How often do we need to change the water tank? Is a spare regular 150ml water tank available for the OC001 water flosser?  

150ml tank comes by default with OC001 Water Flosser. However, the higher capacity tank of 330ml needs to be purchased separately, if required. This will help in making the water flossing process an interruption-free activity and ensure more convenience in usage. Do note that it is not mandatory to change the water tank after a year, provided it's in healthy and good condition.

How is the Pocket Tip in comparison with the Ortho tip and the ones that come along with the flosser? Is it suitable for braces?

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