OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®
OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®

OC150 LITE Smart Water Flosser®

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OC150 Variant: LITE

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Key Highlights:
Icon Travel-Friendly


Icon Upgraded Feature

Upgraded Feature

Icon Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries

Icon 360° Rotary Nozzle

360° Rotary Nozzle

Icon 150ml Tank Capacity

150ml Tank Capacity

Icon Ergonomically Designed 

Ergonomically Designed Handle

Product Description

Smart Water Flosser OC150 |
Rechargeable |
3 Low Noise Modes |

The OC150 Smart Water Flosser® LITE is your essential companion for maintaining top-notch dental hygiene. This dental flosser is travel-friendly, portable, and rechargeable. Comes with 2 customizable nozzle tips variant to choose from “LITE”, it caters to all your dental needs. Experience effortless flossing with its 3 varied modes of flossing.

Advantages of Flossing

* 5x More Effective in Plaque Removal
* Easy to Clean Around Braces
* Modern Dental Flossing Technique
* Easy To Carry & Portable
* Advanced Protection Against Bacteria

Unique Features & Advanced Technology

* 3 Modes of Flossing (Normal, Soft, and Pulse)
* 0.6mm Ultra-Fine Water Flow
* Long-Lasting Charge, Single Charge Lasts For Up To 10-15 Days
* 2 Nozzle Tips Variant (LITE)

Package Details
  • OC150 Smart Water Flosser® Main Unit
  • 150ml Water Tank 
  • 2 Nozzle Tips ( 1 Standard Tip, & 1 Tongue Scraper)

  • USB Cable
  • Operation Manual


  • Dimensions: 7.4cm(L)x5.7cm(w)x27cm(h)
  • Weight: 400
  • Batch No: 3923 (Sept 23)
  • Assembled, Packed, and Marketed By: ORACURA Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Cleaning & Storage
  • Clean the nozzle tip after flossing. 
  • Rinse the water tank with water.
  • Clean the product's external surfaces  
  • Store the product in a cool & dry place to avoid germs.  
  • Replace the nozzle tip after every 3-4 months.
Product Warranty

OC150 Smart Water Flosser® is supported with a warranty period of 18+6 months. 
For any product-related queries and doubts, you can contact our support team at +91 7738733700 (10 am-6 pm) | support@oracura.in

Please note that the warranty does not include the product accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the water pressure range of OC150?

ORACURA's Smart Water Flosser OC150's ultra-fine and high-speed water jet spray helps in reaching the most hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, effectively removing stuck food particles between the tiny gaps. The water pressure range is between 40-90 PSI for the 3 modes of flossing i.e. normal, soft, and pulse.

How to use ORACURA's Smart Water Flosser OC150?

1] Attach the desired nozzle firmly onto the water flosser unit.

2] Open the cap of your water tank or detach the tank from the main unit to fill it with water.

3] Select the mode of operation.

4] Place the tip of the nozzle pointing towards your teeth and the gum line and press the 'On" button.

5] Lean towards the sink and keep the mouth slightly open to avoid splashing of water. Glide the nozzle along the gum line to remove the stuck food particles.

6] Once done flossing, empty the water tank into the sink and store it carefully.

For a more detailed explanation, watch our Youtube video of the step-by-step guide on using ORACURA's Smart Water Flosser: https://youtu.be/Wnf0ntzDr0s.

I want to upgrade the water tank capacity of my OC150 model, how can I do it?

OC150 comes with an attached water tank of 150ml. However, one can choose to upgrade the capacity of their water tank to 330ml for more comfort and convenience. For more details, please visit High Capacity Water Tank 330ml accessory page.

Does this product have a guarantee?

ORACURA Smart Water Flosser OC150 comes with an 18+6 months warranty period. Register your products within 7 days from the date of purchase on www.oracura.in/register.

Can we use mouthwash instead of water?

Kindly check with your dentist about which mouthwash suits you best for your oral health. Do note that certain types of mouthwash may damage the device, causing the tank to crack. Therefore, it is advisable to use pure water for cleaning your mouth with our flossers.