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Water Flossing Vs Traditional Flossing!

May 26, 2022

Water Flossing Vs Traditional Flossing!

Have you ever wondered if just brushing twice daily is enough for your oral health? Brushing is an essential step to cleanse your mouth & remove visible plaque from your teeth, however, it is not the only required step. In order to save yourself from major health & oral diseases, it is of utmost importance to incorporate the idea of flossing into your daily oral routine.

Maintaining oral health has become more important than ever and we all want to take the best precautionary measures to save ourselves and our families from oral diseases. In order to clean your mouth thoroughly & ensure absolute protection against germs, you need to invest in a good flosser.

But again, when it comes to flossers, we have the traditional means of thread flossers and advanced water flossers. So, which one should be the right pick for you? 

It is of no surprise that Water Flossers are far more accessible & easy to use for your absolute oral hygiene.

Here are some of the reasons why a water flosser works much better than a thread flosser: 

Prevents Gum bleeding: Flossing too roughly with your traditional flosser can lead to gum bleeding & cause more harm than good. Using a thread flosser with the traditional technique can be a challenging task. However, water flossers come with varied pressure mode settings that you can choose from depending on your requirement. To avoid bleeding and prevent gum diseases, it is much better to floss with water, which is a less painful option to use. 

Thorough mouth clean-up: There are areas in your mouth that are difficult to clean manually. This is where water flossing comes into the picture. It removes 99.9% plaque, providing you with your absolute dental hygiene. Moreover, water flossing is the ideal option to cleanse your periodontal pockets

Cleaning dental implants & braces: It can be a real hassle to keep your braces, implants, crowns, or any other dental works clean. Using a thread flosser with braces is extremely challenging due to the threat of entangling them into your braces. However, water flossing provides you with the ultimate solution for this. They are far more gentle and easy to use around braces & implants. An oral irrigator reaches every area of your mouth, ensuring you ultimate protection against gum diseases & tooth decay. 

More Convenient: It is of no surprise that water flossing is much more convenient & easier than thread flossing. It not only saves time & effort but is also a fun way to engage your kids into the habit of maintaining an effective oral care routine

If you want to take your oral care regime to the next level by maintaining utmost hygiene then it's the best option for you to floss with water. By considering the above-mentioned benefits, you can choose amongst the various types of flossers depending on your dental requirements, budget & comfort. 

ORACURA provides you with a vast range of water flossers that can help you achieve your dental care goals, by providing a professional-like clean-up and the best value for money.