ORACURA brings you our advanced dental solutions to attain maximum oral hygiene. 

Our water flosser is much more effective in plaque and tartar build-up removal than your regular oral health care solutions. It removes up to 99.9% plaque from the most hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Be it preventing gum diseases or thoroughly cleaning around braces, ORACURA's Water Jet Flosser is the best fit for your dental care needs.

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Our Dental Water Flosser is the perfect match for your household oral care routine, with its convenience and comfort to use. The high speed of its Water Jet Flosser allows you to remove stuck food particles from every area of your mouth, giving you professional-like oral hygiene. Regular use of ORACURA's water flosser and its electric toothbrush will help you in attaining healthier gums and teeth. You can prevent gum diseases by taking the right preventative measures for yourself and upgrading your oral care routine.

There is a wide range of Dental Water Flosser to choose from. Based on your oral care requirements, you can select what fits the best for you and your family. Choose only the best when it comes to your oral health. 

OC004 is compact and portable, making this Dental Water Flosser a travel-friendly option. It has three various operation modes that will help you to floss as per your dental requirements. 

OC300 is the best advanced dental solution for your entire family. Be it kids or the elderly at home; it is easy to use for everyone. OC300 comes with ten adjustable water pressure speed settings and two operation modes for you to select. 

OC200B is an upgraded, portable, and rechargeable model that comes with five tips. It has an elegant design and higher lifecycle, making the Water Jet Flosser a perfect solution to obtain your ideal dental hygiene. 

OC200W is an advanced water flosser model that comes with a setting of 8 water pressure modes. It's an ideal advanced solution for all your oral care needs and helps in the effective removal of plaque. OC200W has four operation modes for your varying oral care needs. 

OC001 comes with three operation modes to suit your dental requirements. It is rechargeable and a great fit for all your home and travel needs. 

OC100 has a higher water tank capacity of 300ml which makes it convenient to use. You can enjoy flossing without any interruption for a longer duration. OC100 is portable, rechargeable, and comes with three operation modes.

 If you're looking for a budget-friendly option to attain your absolute oral hygiene then OC010 is your best solution. It has multiple operation modes and is a convenient option for your oral care needs. 


 Why should I switch to Water Flossers?

Water Flossers help in effectively cleansing the mouth thoroughly and prevent oral diseases. In order to upgrade your overall oral health, it is advisable to switch to water flossers. To learn more about ORACURA's wide range of Water Flossers and it's benefits, visit https://oracura.in/collections/water-flosser

Is there a plaque seeker tip for this machine? 

ORACURA's Standard tip should suffice for the purpose of removing plaque. However, for the protection of periodontal pockets, we suggest our Pocket Tips and Orthodontic Tips for people with Orthodontic appliances.

How often do you use this product for cleaning of gums?

 It is recommended to use our Water Flossers and Sonic Electric Toothbrush at least twice every day. This will help in attaining healthy gums and teeth. For best results, use our Water Flossers after meals and before going to bed. 

Can we get the spare parts and accessories for the water flossers?

I am confused about whether to take the cordless water flosser or the tabletop water flosser. Which one is the best?

In terms of portability with space constraints, it is advisable to choose our smart and portable water flosser. However, in order to attain a family-friendly model, with higher water tank capacity, it is recommended to select the Tabletop Water Flosser. 

Which mouthwashes are safe to use with this flosser?

Kindly check with your dentist about which mouthwash suits you best for your oral health. Do note that certain types of mouthwash may damage the device, causing the tank to crack. Therefore, it is advisable to use pure water for cleaning your mouth with our flossers.

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