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5 Tips for Easy & Effective Cleaning Around Braces

Jun 01, 2022

5 Tips for Easy & Effective Cleaning Around Braces

We all know that proper oral health is extremely essential in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle. However, maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine can become quite a stressful task if you're wearing dental braces.

Wearing braces or any other orthodontic appliances can come with its own set of challenges and you may need to take that extra step to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Along with this, you also want to take utmost care of your braces & prevent it from any damage. 

In the following blog, we'll give you 5 tips on how you can ensure the utmost cleaning of the mouth around your dental braces. Have a look: 

1] Use A Water Flosser: Flossing is a vital step in order to remove the stuck food residues between the teeth. However, while using a traditional thread flosser, one may live in the constant fear of the string getting entangled in the braces. This is why it is always preferable to switch to a water flosser instead.

Water Flossers are easy to use, convenient, and more effective than a traditional thread flosser. It is also gentler on the teeth, ensuring prevention from any discomfort or pain. 

ORACURA also offers a special orthodontic nozzle tip that you can use along with its water flosser. These tips are specially designed for people to clean around their orthodontic appliances. 

2] Use a Soft Toothbrush: With dental braces, one needs to be a little extra careful in order to avoid any damage to the teeth or the braces. It is important to be gentle on your teeth while brushing. Always use a toothbrush with soft bristles and do not press too hard. Over brushing may also cause more damage to your teeth than good. 

ORACURA's sonic electric toothbrush comes with soft DuPont bristles that help in making one's brushing journey a smooth ride. 

3] Rinse at Regular Intervals: Getting dental braces means you have to take that extra mile to take care of your teeth before you achieve that beautiful, sparkling smile. Whether you've just finished having your meal or your favourite treat, it is important to rinse your mouth to dislodge any stuck food particles between the braces or your teeth. Always, rinse your mouth at regular intervals to keep your teeth fresh and clean. 

4] Maintain A Healthy Diet: There are certain foods that you may want to exclude from your diet if you're wearing dental braces. This includes highly sugary and sticky food items. You may also want to consider avoiding food that is too hard to bite into, which can eventually lead to damaging the wire and brackets. 

It is always advisable to ask your dentist for the list of foods to avoid while getting your dental braces.

5] Regular Dental Checkups: Make sure to make regular dentist appointments for utmost professional-like cleanse of your teeth & braces. It will also give your dental care professional a chance to look at the progress of your orthodontic treatment and suggest ways if anything needs to be done differently. 

Remember, maintaining a consistent and healthy oral care routine may seem daunting at the first go but it is only beneficial for you in the long run.