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Jun 02, 2022



Brushing is an essential step in your everyday morning routine to ensure a fresh smile & clean teeth. But is it enough?

Now, more than ever, one needs to take utmost care of their oral health. The mouth is the gateway to our body. This can also result in the transfer of harmful bacteria in the body through the mouth. Poor dental hygiene can not only deteriorate your oral health but is also linked with several other harmful health concerns such as heart diseases, diabetes, and much more. 

To ensure the thorough cleansing of the mouth, one must floss their teeth regularly after brushing. When it comes to flossing, one must consider the use of an oral irrigator aka water flosser which is a quicker, easy to use & effective alternative. 

What is an Oral Irrigator? 

An oral irrigator is a device that uses high-pressure pulsating water in order to remove the bacteria & plaque in a much more effective way. This type of dental water jet is the perfect alternative to your traditional thread flossers and is much more convenient for you & your family. 

Using an oral irrigator is far more comfortable than a traditional thread flosser. It is ideal for people wearing braces, crowns, or any orthodontic appliance, as it is easier to let the pressured water dislodge the plaque or other germs from the mouth, hassle-free. These devices also provide various pressure settings that a user can choose from, making them ideal for both kids as well as the elderly. 

The ergonomically designed handle of these devices and the 360° rotary nozzle, make it easier to cleanse every corner of the mouth, which a traditional thread flosser cannot. It also prevents gum-bleeding and it is a pain-free alternative to get your kids into the habit of flossing daily. 

If you want to elevate your oral care regime and are looking for a convenient, quick, and effective solution, then investing in an oral irrigator is the right choice for you.  

 ORACURA offers a wide range of dental flossers that you can select from depending upon your need & requirement. Our Water Flosser comes with various nozzle tips depending upon your dental health. This includes pocket tip, orthodontic tip, standard tip, amongst others. These dental flossers also come with various modes to ensure your best care. 

How to use an Oral Irrigator/ Water Flosser: 

Using an Oral Irrigator can seem a bit challenging on the first go, but in reality, one can easily floss without any hassle. Here are the simple steps that you can follow to floss with water efficiently. 

  • Fill up your water flosser's tank with warm water.
  • Select the right nozzle and mode as per your oral care needs.
  • Place the nozzle & move it around your gum line and switch on the device.
  • Lean over the sink to let the water drain out from the mouth. 
  • You can rotate the water flosser 360 degrees around your mouth to cleanse every area. 
  • Empty the water tank once done. That's it! You have now thoroughly cleaned your mouth using a water flosser.