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Signs & Dangers of a Tooth Decay; Here's How You Can Prevent It!

Sep 21, 2021

Signs & Dangers of a Tooth Decay; Here's How You Can Prevent It!

Signs and Dangers of a Tooth Decay; Here's How You Can Prevent It !

Maintaining and upgrading your oral health should be an essential part of your everyday routine. Poor dental health can result in several diseases, some of which can be extremely dangerous. It can also result in tooth decay which can cause severe pain and infection.

Tooth decay is the process of damage caused to your enamel, which is the outer layer of your teeth. This is the result of bacteria in your mouth that makes acid which in turn destroys the enamel. In this blog, we'll tell you everything that you need to know about tooth decay and how to prevent it.

These are the following tooth decay signs that you should NOT ignore:

1. Toothache : Toothache can be an early sign of tooth decay, causing enormous pain in your teeth that refuses to go away.

2. Tooth sensitivity : A tooth sensitivity does not necessarily mean that you have tooth decay but it can be an early sign of the same. If you feel that sharp pain or sensitivity after every time you bite into something hot or cold, it's a good idea to get the concern addressed with your doctor.

3. Stains : Stains or spots on the surface of your teeth can be a possible symptom of tooth decay. These stains can be white in the initial stage and turn into a darker colour of brown or back as tooth decay advances.

4. Hole in the tooth : If your tooth decay worsens, it can result in a hole in your tooth. You can check this out by running over your tongue on the surface of your teeth or by just simply looking in the mirror. If you notice a hole in your tooth then you should immediately consult your dentist regarding the same.

5. Formation of abscess in the mouth : An abscess is usually formed around an infected or a decayed tooth. It is a collection of pus that can be extremely painful and needs to be treated immediately.

If not treated properly, tooth decay can lead to the following dangers:

A decayed tooth can result in various gum diseases. If the infection is not treated properly, it can spread to the gums as well. This can be very harmful and needs to be addressed immediately. It can also lead to the loss of teeth, difficulty in chewing the food, and can cause enormous pain in the mouth. A tooth abscess that is left untreated can also trigger additional complications to your health including a life-threatening disease called sepsis. Dental problems are usually preventative and can be treated by your dentists. However, by delaying the treatment of your oral health problems, you're increasing the risk of several diseases that can be dangerous in the long run.

Preventing Tooth Decay : Good oral health can prevent tooth decay, resulting in overall healthy well-being. There are several steps that you can take to ensure prevention from tooth decay. Here are the follows:

1] Brush regularly : This is the most common step that you need to take for good oral health. You can choose an electric toothbrush in order to upgrade your dental routine. This will enable you to clean even the most isolated part of your mouth.

2] Floss: Flossing is essential to remove the tiny stuck particles between your teeth. You can choose the easy and convenient way of water flossing for your absolute oral care.

3] Healthy lifestyle and food habits : Eating fresh vegetables and fruit is indeed great for your overall health including your oral health. On the other hand, excess sugary food, smoking, and tobacco can have adverse effects on your oral health.

4] Regular dentist appointments : It is advisable to seek professional consultation to maintain your overall oral hygiene. Your dentist can cure your oral disease at an early stage, so it is essential to make those dental clinic visits once in a while.