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7 Reasons why Electric Toothbrush is the best fit for your Oral Health!

Aug 23, 2021

Electric Toothbrush for ultimate oral care

Brushing your teeth is an essential aspect of a good dental care regime. But is your manual toothbrush sufficient to achieve your absolute oral hygiene? With the increase in technology and advancement in oral care, an electric toothbrush offers more features than a regular toothbrush. However, is it the correct investment for your oral health? In the following blog, we'll take you through the benefits of using an electric toothbrush and how it could improve your overall oral care regime.

1] More plaque removal:

There have been evident studies showcasing how an electric toothbrush is more effective in removing more plaque than a manual one. Moreover, it covers all the areas of the mouth, providing effective prevention from gum diseases, tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath.


2] Easy to use:

Electric toothbrushes are easy to use and are designed to meet the comfort level of individuals. Just move the brush around your mouth and gumline to whisk away the plaque, gingivitis, and bacteria’s from the mouth. Be it kids or the elderly, there are different brushing modes that you can choose from; based on your comfort and requirements.


3] Advanced technology:

With upgraded technology and innovation, an electric toothbrush provides you all the advanced features that give you your complete value for money. It allows timer assistance, enabling you to track the duration whilst providing a 2-minutes smart timer. It is powerful in comparison to your manual brushes that result in effective removal of plaque and tartar build-up. 


4] No abrasion on teeth:

The stiff bristles of a regular manual toothbrush can cause abrasion on teeth. Most of the sonic electric toothbrush comes with soft and flexible bristles, making your brushing journey pain-free and memorable.


5] Covers hard-to-reach areas:

Your manual toothbrush may find it difficult to reach all the areas of the mouth. This can result in some deeply stuck food particles between your teeth that can later prove to be quite harmful, causing tooth decay. It is important to thoroughly cleanse your mouth to attain a healthy dental regime. The high sonic speed of an electric toothbrush will reach even the most isolated areas of your mouth, eliminating all the stuck particles and germs from within the mouth.



6] Long-lasting and thorough cleaning:

 It is recommended by dental professionals to change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. However, with an electric toothbrush, you only need to change its head from time to time as most of the products come with a warranty period. Considering its advanced features and professional-like cleanse, this can be a great investment to improve your overall oral care routine.


7] Fun for children:

One of the most challenging tasks as a parent is to make brushing a part of your kid's daily routine. Many toddlers are hesitant to brush their teeth daily, terming it a 'boring' activity to indulge on. This is where your electric toothbrush can prove to be the solution to your everyday hassle. By being fun & exciting, an electric brush will help you achieve good brushing habits for your kid.


ORACURA offers you a wide range of sonic brushes to choose from to kickstart your oral care journey. Select one that is most suitable for your dental care needs and best fits your budget. Let's take a step together to upgrade your oral care routine.