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How to choose which Electric Toothbrush is the best fit for you!

Sep 27, 2021

How to choose which Electric Toothbrush is the best fit for you!

With the modern-day hygiene requirements, it has become essential to upgrade your oral health routine. There have been several advancements in the oral care solutions of individuals with the availability of electric toothbrushes in the market.

 It is true that using a sonic electric toothbrush increases your overall dental hygiene effectiveness and gives you more dental care protection than your manual toothbrush. Right from its features to the benefits obtained, electric toothbrushes have contributed to making our busy morning schedule a little simpler.

However, how do you decide what's the best toothbrush for your dental requirements? There's a wide range of brushes and it can get a little overwhelming to select the best. To make your decision easier, we have got you the perfect guide that will help you pick up the best fit for you.

1] Brushing modes that suit your needs : Whether you have sensitive teeth or want to focus on teeth whitening or polishing mode; you need to contemplate your oral care requirements. You should also take into consideration if you have any dental implants, braces, or crowns. This will help you choose the product which is the most comfortable for your teeth.

2] Convenience : Which toothbrush is more convenient for you, Battery-operated or a Rechargeable one? Select what's the best fit for you.
ORACURA's SB200 is a rechargeable toothbrush providing a long-lasting charge of 1 month. SB100 is battery-operated, being the more economical option for your oral care needs.

3] Advanced Features : Electric toothbrushes have a variety of advanced features that are designed to make your oral care routine a hassle-free activity. Depending on the type of toothbrush you select, you can avail yourself of timer assistance for an optimal brushing time as recommended by the dentists. Some sonic electric toothbrushes also come with 40,000 strokes per minute to whisk away the plaque and germs. There are several other advanced features provided by the correct electric toothbrushes including DuPont Bristles and 30 seconds intervals. Depending on your dental requirements, select what is most essential for your oral care.

Pro tip : Check out ORACURA’s range of Sonic Electric Toothbrush that provides you all the above-mentioned advanced features.

4] Budget : Selecting your budget is one of the most important steps in choosing your electric toothbrush. There can be a variety of different price ranges that you can choose from. However, if you feel the features are essential for your oral health, you can try to adjust your budget accordingly.

5] Warranty Period : Depending on the type of brush, an electric toothbrush provides you a warranty period. This increases the shelf life of your toothbrush. Now, you only need to replace your brush head every 3-4 months for absolute hygiene. Choose a product that provides you a higher warranty period whilst considering its other factors.

Recommendation :

ORACURA's Sonic Electric Toothbrush comes with varying brushing modes to fit your oral requirements. These come with sonic cleaning technology, which is suitable for braces and other dental implants. If you're looking for a more economical fit then SB100 is the right way to go!
ORACURA's SB100 & SB200 provide 40,000 strokes per minute whereas, our SB300 model is the world's highest sonic speed electric toothbrush with 48,000 strokes per minute. Both SB100 & SB200 come with a 1-year warranty, whereas SB300 gives you a warranty of 2 years.
Depending upon your oral care requirement, ORACURA has a variety of sonic electric toothbrushes that can be your perfect match.

If you are looking to start your advanced and effective oral care journey; then these tips will surely help you to make the smart choice.