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5 Reasons Why Water Flossers Offer The Best Value For Money

Sep 20, 2022

5 Reasons Why Water Flossers Offer The Best Value For Money

Inculcating the habit of daily water flossing is a step forward in one's oral health routine. There are several hard-to-reach areas in the mouth that just brushing alone cannot clean. The high-pressure pulsating water of a water flosser helps in easily removing the stuck food residues, ensuring a fresher and better cleanse.

However, even though water flossing is an effective alternative to a traditional thread flosser, there are still a few concerns that may cause people to be reluctant to make this oral health investment. One of the major concerns is that due to its modern technology, a water flosser can be quite expensive in comparison to a thread flosser.

Thus, in order to help you make the right decision, we have jotted down a few points that will indeed assure why a water flosser is an excellent investment for one's oral health.

1] More Effective Cleaning:

A Water Flosser comes with a 360° rotary nozzle that helps in cleaning every corner of the mouth, in an effective & pain-free way. A traditional thread flosser can be abrasive on the teeth and can also fail to reach the back of your teeth. This can lead to gum problems and tooth decay. Thus, making the switch to a water flosser will help one attain a more thorough cleanse.

2] Varying Features For Varying Needs:

Due to the advancement in technology, a water flosser offers various different features that will ensure making one's oral care journey a seamless ride. Depending upon the dental requirement, one can select a water flosser that is either compact or tabletop. Not only this but there are various working modes that one can select from, ensuring a more personalised touch in one's everyday oral care routine. 

3] Easily Available Spare Parts & Various Nozzle Tips: 

ORACURA® Water Flosser's spare parts & accessories are easily available in the market. Thus, in case of any damage or misplacement of a part, it is more cost-effective to just purchase another spare part instead of the entire product. Not only this but ORACURA® also offers various kinds of nozzle tips to the customers, depending on their dental care needs.

For example, A person with an orthodontic appliance or braces can use the Orthodontic Nozzle Tip for a better & hassle-free cleanse. A Pocket Tip is used to ensure effective cleaning and protection of the periodontal pockets. Whereas, a Tongue Scraper helps to keep your tongue healthy & clean at all times.

4] Higher Warranty Period: 

Even though a water flosser is heavier on the pocket in comparison to a traditional thread flosser, the device offers a warranty period to its customers, making it last for a longer duration. ORACURA® offers a 2 years or 18+6 months warranty period on all its Water Flossers® except the Eco Water Flosser OCE01 which comes with a warranty of 12+6 months.

Moreover, considering the average price of a water flosser and the average lifespan of the device (3-4 years), the daily cost of a water flosser comes down to less than 2 rupees a day. In just about 2 rupees, an individual is able to attain an easy-to-use and complete cleansing of the mouth twice a day.

5] Lesser Visit To The Dentist: 

Using a water flosser ensures a more thorough, hassle-free, and effective cleanse of one's teeth and gums. This in turn prevents various oral diseases, ensuring better health of the mouth. Thus, one might in turn have to pay fewer emergency visits to the dentist.

However, please note that it is always recommended to visit your dental professional at least twice every year for regular check-ups.

Make the right oral health investment today for a healthier tomorrow!