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What Are Clear Aligners? Uses and Benefits!

Sep 17, 2022

What Are Clear Aligners? Uses and Benefits!

Dental braces and aligners are essential tools that help in correcting various oral care concerns such as misalignment of the teeth, crowding, crooked teeth, and much more. With the recent advancement in technology, one can choose amongst various alternative treatment options. Traditional metal braces have been the most common orthodontic treatment to fix crooked teeth, crowding, and more. Along with this, there are several other alternatives to the regular metal braces that include Ceramic Braces, Self-Ligating Braces, Lingual Braces, and even Clear Aligners. 

Clear Aligners are transparent orthodontic tools used to align the teeth in a comfortable and convenient way. They are made from plastic and are custom built for fixing individual dental care concerns. They are virtually invisible, making them an ideal option for people who want to maintain the aesthetic of their teeth whilst wearing braces. It is also used to improve oral care concerns such as 'bad bite'. Clear Aligners gradually fix the teeth, by moving them in the right position. 

There are several benefits of clear Aligners over their counterparts. In this blog, we have mentioned 5 such advantages of clear Aligners:

1] Comfortable: Clear Aligners provide utmost comfort to the patients in comparison to the traditional metal braces. These types of braces are removable which enables the users to remove their aligners to eat and drink. Not only this, but since the material used for clear aligners are less harsh, patients often experience less pain wearing them in comparison to the regular braces.

2] Invisible: One of the major reasons behind the popularity of clear aligners is that these appliances are almost invisible to the teeth. This is a very essential point to consider, especially for people who want to ensure proper correction of their dental concerns whilst keeping their beautiful & healthy smile intact.

3] Easy Maintenance of Oral Hygiene: With regular metal braces, some people may find it difficult or experience slight pain while cleaning their teeth & gums. Not only this, but it also gets challenging to clean the metal brackets of the regular braces efficiently. On the other hand, clear aligners offer their users the option to remove the braces to clean every part of their teeth & gums thoroughly. One can also clean their aligners separately, ensuring the utmost hygiene of the orthodontic appliance. Thus, clear aligners indeed offer easy maintenance of oral health. 

Note: It is ideal to clean the mouth thoroughly with a water flosser and smart brush for utmost convenience & ease. The water flosser and electric toothbrush price depend on several factors including their features, design, and more.

4] Fewer Visits to The Dentist: With clear aligners, an individual may require fewer emergency visits to the dental professional. This is because these braces do not have wires or brackets that may need fixing. However, it is essential to note that clear aligners still require regular dental visits in order to examine the progress of the aligners. One can consult with their dental professional to discuss the frequency of the visits. 

5] Improved Oral Health: Post the treatment of the dental concern, one can experience an overall improvement in their oral health. Well-aligned teeth will ensure ease in brushing & flossing every corner of the mouth, thus maintaining the overall health of the teeth.

However, it is important to note that while clear aligners offer several advantages, there are certain drawbacks that come with the treatment. These appliances are on the expensive side in comparison to traditional metal braces.

Moreover, clear aligners may not be the right orthodontic treatment for every dental concern. In cases of severe crowding or misalignment, this may not be the ideal fit. It is best to consult your dentist who will be able to further guide you regarding the best treatment option depending on your dental type and requirements. 

Be it traditional braces or clear aligners, one must always clean their mouth thoroughly twice a day with a dental water flosser and electric brush. ORACURA® offers varying oral care solutions depending on several factors such as dental water flosser and electric toothbrush price, features, design, and much more.