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5 Reasons Why Oracura Provides the Best Oral Care For the Elderly!

Dec 30, 2021

5 Reasons Why Oracura Provides the Best Oral Care For the Elderly!

Practicing good oral hygiene has become an essential part of one's daily routine. It helps in preventing various oral diseases like gum bleeding, cavities, and tooth decay. However, it is important to note that oral health is also linked with several other complicated diseases which can be fatal and extremely challenging to deal with. 

It is known that one may face comparatively more dental health concerns in their elder age. With proper care and an effective oral care routine, it is possible to maintain a healthy dental regime even in old age. 

In this blog, we'll take you through 5 reasons why ORACURA provides the ultimate oral care solution that caters to the requirements of elderly people. We will also mention our recommendation for a water flosser and sonic electric toothbrush that is best suitable for the effective cleansing of the mouth in the senior age. 

1] Adjustable Water Pressure Setting Control: Oracura's Tabletop PLUS Water Flosser OC300 provides 10 water pressure control settings to cater to the varying needs of individual users. This adjustable water pressure helps in removing food residues & other germs more effectively without any discomfort or inconvenience. This is extremely efficient for both elderly as well as children as they can enjoy their oral health journey by starting at the lowest pressure. One can increase the pressure as per their comfort & needs. 

2] Higher Tank Capacity: Oracura's OC300 provides a high-water tank capacity of 600ml. This will provide the elderly people ease in flossing as it avoids the repetitive filling of the water tank. Thus one can floss for a longer duration without any interruption during their dental care journey. 

3] Requires Lesser Dexterity: All the models of Oracura's Water Flossers and Sonic Electric Toothbrushes are designed to make the oral care routine of its users simpler. We provide extreme ease in usage, ultimate comfort along with proper cleansing of the teeth & gums. One can operate the water flossers with maximum ease and find easy nozzle replacement or additional sets of nozzles for the same. 

4] Custom modes for Brushing & Flossing: Depending upon the type of water flosser or sonic electric toothbrush that you select, ORACURA provides various modes to suit your individual oral care requirements. Our varying modes are designed to provide maximum efficiency in maintaining high levels of dental hygiene. 

5] Smart Memory & Timer Assistance: Our Sonic Plus Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush SB300 comes with 5 seconds of smart advanced memory that will remember your brushing habits. Apart from this Oracura's brushes also provide a 2-minute auto smart timer assistance for maintaining an optimal brushing duration. 

All the above features of Oracura's advanced solutions provide all the necessary means to make the oral care process of elderly people more convenient. 

Our recommendation: From the above-mentioned features, we recommended our family model i.e. OC300 water flosser due to its high capacity water tank and adjustable water setting controls. For the toothbrush, SB300 offers unique smart memory assistance, making it suitable and handy for the elderly. 

Thus, the amalgamation of our OC300 and SB300 offers ultimate care & protection of oral health for elderly people. 

Please note that one must always visit a dental professional for regular check-ups to prevent any major oral concern in its early stage.