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5 Reasons to Choose Oracura For Your Dental Health Concerns

Jan 03, 2022

5 Reasons to Choose Oracura For Your Dental Health Concerns

Maintaining a healthy oral care routine is of utmost importance in order to prevent yourself from gum diseases, tooth decay, and several other dental health concerns. Oral diseases & problems can be quite painful and it is essential to select the right dental health product to maintain the hygiene levels of your mouth without hurting the gums. Similarly, undergoing an oral health treatment can also make the process of your dental routine a little more challenging. 

 In order to provide the perfect solution for these problems, we have listed down 5 essential reasons why Oracura's advanced oral health solutions are the perfect match for people with oral problems or those who are undergoing a specific dental treatment. Have a look:

1] Ease and Comfort: Our Water Flossers and Sonic Electric Toothbrushes provide absolute ease and comfort in maintaining your oral health levels. Water flossings help in a painless removal of germs from the mouth, without the risk of gum bleeding or tooth abrasion. It is also extremely effective and convenient for people with braces, crowns, or other orthodontic appliances. 

Our Sonic Electric Toothbrush offers a dentist-recommended 2-minutes smart auto-timer to make your oral care journey easier and healthier than ever. Oracura's products are carefully designed to provide optimum ease to our consumers with quick & effective solutions. 

2] Thorough cleaning: Many times, the food residues get stuck in the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, which can cause several oral health diseases. If left untreated, this leftover food residue can increase the risk of dental problems or hamper the process of treatment of the same. However, Oracura's water flossers reach the most isolated and hard-to-clean parts of the mouth, resulting in the removal of 99.9% of the plaque. It reaches the tiny gaps of the teeth to remove all the germs & harmful bacterias that can otherwise cause hindrance in your healthy oral care regime. 

3] Different Nozzles: Do you want to ensure proper cleansing of your periodontal pockets or effective cleaning around braces? Don't worry, at Oracura, we've got it all covered for you! 

Depending upon the water flosser model selected, we offer several kinds of nozzle tips that can help you in your individual dental problems & it's treatment. However, one can always purchase additional nozzle tips from our Standard Tip, Orthodontic Tip, Pocket Tip, and Tongue Scraper.  

4] Various modes: Oracura's water flossers and sonic electric toothbrushes are designed with several working modes to make your oral care journey more customized and effective. Be it sensitive teeth, or teeth whitening, our electric brushes offer different varying modes to cater to your dental needs. Oracura's water flossers offer several modes that can suit even first-time users as well as ones who want to attain advanced cleaning of the mouth. 

5] Gentle on teeth: If you're undergoing a dental problem or a treatment for the same; it is of best interest to use oral care solutions that are gentler on the teeth. This avoids tooth abrasion and ensures a painless oral health journey. Oracura's Tabletop Plus Water Flosser OC300 provides 10 adjustable water pressure settings control. The pressure of the water jet is high enough to remove the stubborn food particles without hurting the gums & teeth in the process.