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Why it is Important To Ensure Proper Cleaning of the Tongue?

Aug 09, 2022

Why it is Important To Ensure Proper Cleaning of the Tongue?

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is the step towards a healthy lifestyle. Right from childhood, we all have been told to brush twice a day in order to protect our mouths from germs and bacteria. Not only this but a lot of times flossing is also heavily emphasized to remove the excess food residues stuck between the teeth. But what about cleaning the tongue? 

The tongue is the home to a huge amount of bacteria that can lead to poor dental health and in turn, various oral concerns. Still, people quite often neglect to clean their tongues in their daily oral care routine. 

The tongue is not a smooth and flat muscle organ as one may assume it to be. It has all sorts of elevations that gathers and hides a lot of food particles & bacteria. Papillae are the little bumps on your tongue's surface that help in hiding the bacteria. Not only this but ensuring proper hygiene of the tongue helps in getting rid of the biofilm that gets accumulated on the tongue's surface. 

Thus, it becomes extremely important to regularly clean your tongue along with smart brushing and water flossing. 

Ways To Ensure Proper Cleaning of the Tongue:

Even though regular water flossing and smart brushing are the keys to a healthy & germ-free mouth, they may not necessarily help in ensuring the utmost hygiene of the tongue. For this, one needs to use a tongue scraper. 

Please Note: ORACURA's Water Flossers offers a tongue scraper nozzle tip that assists an individual in effortlessly ensuring a healthy and fresh tongue, free from bacteria and debris. 

A tongue scraper helps in removing the bacteria from the mouth, preventing one from various oral diseases such as cavities, tooth decay, bad breath, and more. Not only this, but a healthy tongue contributes to improving one's sense of taste as well as improving the visual appearance of the same. 

In addition to cleaning the tongue, include these 5 habits to maintain the utmost health of the mouth. 

1] Brush twice a day by using an electric toothbrush. This will help in removing the excess plaque, germs, and harmful bacteria from the teeth with utmost comfort & convenience. 

2] Use a water flosser to remove the leftover food residues stuck amid the tiny gaps between the teeth. A water flosser comes with various working modes and features that will help in catering to the needs of every individual. 

3] Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. It is important to limit your sugar consumption and drink plenty of water. 

4] Rinse your mouth with water after eating. It will help in removing the loose food particles from the mouth, giving you a fresh and clean feel. 

5] Visit a dentist at least twice a year for a regular examination of your oral health. 

In case of any oral health concern, we always advise you to visit your dental professional and take the necessary precautions in order to avoid any serious damage to your health.