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What are Stained Teeth and How to Remove Them

Jan 12, 2023

What are Stained Teeth and How to Remove Them

There are often times when the teeth in the mouth may not look as bright as they normally would. This is the result of staining of the teeth. But what are stained teeth? Stained teeth and tooth discoloration are amongst the most common oral health concerns that are experienced by individuals today. The staining of the tooth can be of several colors. Amongst them, yellow and brown are the notable ones.

What Are Stained Teeth?

There are normally 3 main types of staining of the teeth. Here are the following:

1] Extrinsic: In this type of tooth discoloration, only the enamel or the surface of the tooth is affected by the stains. This is caused mainly due to several external factors which include excessive consumption of coffee, tea, cola, or tobacco products amongst others.

2] Intrinsic: In this type of staining, the stain is located deep within the teeth. This type of tooth discoloration is more difficult to get rid of than extrinsic one. It is often grayish in color. It is caused by several internal factors such as certain types of medication, tooth decay, genetics, injury to a tooth, and more.

3] Age-Related: Age also affects the oral health of an individual. As you grow old, the tooth enamel begins to wear down which makes the tooth appear slightly yellow in color. Quite often, this type of tooth discoloration can be caused by factors that are both extrinsic as well as intrinsic.

How To Remove Stained Teeth?

There are several types of treatments that are used to remove tooth stains. However, it is extremely important to prevent tooth discoloration with the implementation of an advanced oral care routine in your everyday life. Always remember to brush and floss daily using the best smart toothbrush and the best water flosser in India.

Moreover, one can avoid certain food and beverages that cause staining of the teeth. This includes excessive cola, tobacco products, coffee, and more.

Other treatment options include:

1] Over-the-counter products: The dentist may recommend certain over-the-counter teeth whitening products, depending on the type and severity of tooth discoloration.

2] At-office treatment: The dental professional may use professional whitening products or hydrogen peroxide solution carefully to remove stains. It is best to visit your dentist who'll be able to recommend a dental treatment to you depending on your oral health.

3] Dental Bonding: In extreme cases, a dentist may also resort to the method of dental bonding. In this, a tooth-colored resin is applied to the teeth and it is hardened with a special light. This procedure helps in improving both colors as well as the tooth's structure.

There are several other treatment options and procedures that can be recommended by your dentist.

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