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Did You Know: Your Misalignment Could Lead To Tooth Decay?

Jan 13, 2023

Did You Know: Your Misalignment Could Lead To Tooth Decay?

Malocclusion or misalignment of the teeth is the oral condition where the upper and lower teeth are not aligned when the jaws are closed. This can happen due to several reasons which include crooked teeth, overcrowding of the teeth in the mouth, and more. The condition is treated by an orthodontist with braces or in certain severe situations, with surgery.

Misaligned teeth can lead to several types of oral health problems in an individual. It can cause problems or pain while speaking, or chewing, and may also affect an individual's psychological well-being. Thus, it is extremely important to treat the misalignment of your teeth at the earliest.

Does Misalignment of Teeth Lead To Tooth Decay?

Tooth misalignment or malocclusion increases the risk of tooth decay and cavities. This is because, many times, the misalignment of the teeth makes it difficult to clean every corner of the mouth efficiently. Brushing & flossing becomes more challenging than ever. The overlapping and overcrowding of the teeth will result in the accumulation of more plaque and tartar build-up in the mouth. This can lead to several dental problems such as tooth decay as well as gum diseases.

Thus, it is always recommended to brush and floss using an electric brush and water flosser for teeth. It is easier, more effective, and less painful making it an ideal way to maintain good oral hygiene. There are several dental procedures that can be used to treat tooth misalignment. This depends on the severity of the condition. It includes braces, tooth aligners, surgery, and removal of the tooth to treat the condition of overcrowding.

What Are The Symptoms of Misaligned Teeth?

Depending on the oral health condition, the symptoms can either be mild or severe. It varies from individual to individual.

1] The most common symptom is difficulty or discomfort while chewing, biting, drinking, or even breathing. 

2] Improper alignment of the teeth or changes in the appearance of one's face. 

3] Frequent biting on the inner cheeks, lips, or tongue while closing the mouth. This can be quite painful and one must visit a dental professional if it happens frequently. 

4] In certain rare situations, one may also experience speech difficulties. An individual may also develop a lisp.

If you notice the signs of malocclusion, then it is always advisable to visit your orthodontist at the earliest. This is because misalignment if left untreated for a long period may result in several oral health concerns.

Along with this, one must always maintain the utmost health of their teeth and gums by using an electric brush and water flosser for teeth. These oral care solutions come with multiple working modes that help an individual to brush and floss as per their own comfort and convenience. Moreover, they are gentler on the teeth & gums, preventing gum bleeding and tooth abrasion.

Make sure you take the right step for the oral health of you and your family.