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How To Properly Use Your New Electric Toothbrush To Ensure Maximum Benefits

Jan 14, 2023

How To Properly Use Your New Electric Toothbrush To Ensure Maximum Benefits

In order to keep up with today's modern lifestyle, it is essential to take an extra step for your oral health. Just manual brushing and flossing are not sufficient to clean every corner of the mouth in an effective and thorough way. In order to ensure the utmost dental health, it is recommended to switch to an electric toothbrush and a water jet flosser.

These modern oral care solutions are quicker, easier, and more effective to use. They are more beneficial in removing plaque than your regular toothbrush and thread flosser.

Whether you're using an electric toothbrush or a water jet flosser, it is essential to implement the correct technique while cleaning the teeth. In this blog, we have listed down important points to keep in mind to brush the right way, in order to attain maximum benefits.

Using A Smart Toothbrush The Right Way:

Whether you're new to using an electric brush or have been using it for a while, these points will help you to elevate your oral health. Have a look:

1] Wash the brush head of your automatic toothbrush. After this, one should apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on their toothbrush in order to attain maximum benefits.

2] An electric brush is available in mainly two types: Battery-Operated & Rechargeable. If you're using a rechargeable smart brush, then ensure that your brush is charged before commencing your oral care routine.

3] It is extremely important to brush gently. Do not apply too much pressure or force while cleaning your teeth and gums. The supersonic speed of an automatic toothbrush is powerful enough to remove plaque and germs from deep between the teeth & gum line.

4] While brushing, make sure that you tilt your electric brush at a 45° angle. This will help in brushing effectively along the gumline and teeth.

5] Using an electric brush should be an effortless experience. Do not vigorously brush back and forth. Just gently slide the electric brush along the gumline and teeth. The high vibrations will help in ensuring an effective and efficient cleanse.

6] Did you know that over-brushing or under-brushing can cause harm to your teeth? This is why most electric brushes are equipped with 2-minute smart timer assistance. Make sure that you brush for the dentist's recommended two minutes, twice a day for attaining the best oral health.

7] An automatic toothbrush comes with several working modes that an individual can select from. Choose the brushing mode that best fits your oral health requirements. These varying modes help in ensuring a personalized brushing experience for every user.

8] Always make sure to replace the brush heads after every 3-4 months. It will ensure keeping the brush hygienic and clean at all times. ORACURA® electric brushes come with soft DuPont bristles that help in avoiding abrasion of the teeth.

Make sure you consider the above-mentioned points in order to use your electric brush the right way to ensure maximum benefits.