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Why is Wisdom Teeth Removal Important?

Aug 29, 2022

Why is Wisdom Teeth Removal Important?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that appear at the back of your mouth. They are usually developed in individuals during their late teenage years or even in their early twenties. However, sometimes the complete formation of a wisdom tooth can happen quite late in life as it varies from person to person.

In some individuals, these teeth can be perfectly aligned and appear to be healthy. In such cases, one does not need to remove or extract the same. However, quite often than not, wisdom teeth are misaligned and are also placed horizontally which can cause severe pain and infection. These teeth can also have a harmful impact on the nerves as well as other adjacent teeth.

This is where wisdom teeth removal becomes extremely necessary. Given below are a few of the reasons that explain the importance of the removal of wisdom teeth:

Importance of removing the wisdom tooth:

1] There are times when the wisdom tooth does not have sufficient space to grow properly in the mouth. Many times they grow in different angles, even horizontally, and are sometimes, even hidden within the gums themselves. This results in the risk of infection and various other oral concerns.

2] Similarly, if the wisdom tooth does not get enough space to grow, it can damage other teeth surrounding the area of the mouth.

3] If not treated, the wisdom teeth can cause severe damage to the jaw as well as the nerves.

4] An untreated wisdom tooth can also be the leading cause of sinuses. As the infection in the teeth grows, it can spread to the sinus cavities. Not only this but these teeth may also put pressure on the sinus, which can result in congestion and pain.

5] Cleaning around wisdom teeth can be quite hard and challenging as food residues may easily get trapped amid the teeth & gum. This can result in oral diseases such as cavities and tooth decay.

Many times, dentists also recommend removing the wisdom tooth at a younger age, when the teeth are not completely formed. This is because this method may result in faster recovery and lesser dental complications. As we grow old, it becomes harder to exact the wisdom tooth. However, it all depends from individual to individual, depending on the formation of the wisdom tooth, its alignment, pain or discomfort level, and more.

How to effectively clean your wisdom teeth?

Since wisdom teeth usually appear at the back of the mouth, manual brushes & thread flossers may find it difficult to reach there in order to ensure a thorough cleanse. This is why one must use an electric toothbrush and water flosser for teeth & gums. These modern oral care solutions are gentle on the teeth, resulting in a quick, easy to use, and pain-free brushing and flossing experience.

Not only this, but these modern oral care solutions come with various working modes and nozzle tips that an individual can select depending on their oral care requirements and concerns. Using an electric toothbrush and water flosser for teeth at the back of your mouth will ensure removing the stubborn stuck food residues, which if left untreated can be the underlying cause of several other oral health diseases.

Please Note: If you experience any pain or discomfort in your tooth, then make sure that you consult your dentist. It is ideal to speak to the dental professional regarding the decision to remove the wisdom tooth. They will examine the health of your teeth & gums and in turn guide you on the necessary steps to be taken in case of wisdom teeth removal.