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Do Clear Braces Hurt Less Than Metal Ones?

Aug 25, 2022

Do Clear Braces Hurt Less Than Metal Ones?

Be it fixing oral health concerns such as crooked teeth, dental crowding, or even diastema (gap occurring between the teeth), tooth braces are a great way to ensure the correction of these dental problems. Not only this, but these braces can also improve the overall appearance of your teeth. 

However, wearing tooth braces can come with its own set of challenges. Along with being clearly visible, these braces can also be quite painful to wear for a long period of time. Depending on the tolerance level of the patients, one may also experience discomfort while eating certain kinds of food. 

With the wide scope of dental treatment available today, you'll often find alternatives to the traditional method of treatment which can be more convenient yet comfortable. One such alternative is clear braces, which consists of clear brackets, making them less visible when you wear the same. These braces can be made of different materials such as plastic, ceramic, or even porcelain. However, the question here is do clear braces hurt less than traditional metallic braces?

Are Clear Braces Less Painful?

Yes, people who wear clear braces tend to go through less pain than those with traditional braces. This is because the material used to make these clear braces are less harsh on the teeth and gums. Also, it is important to note that the level of pain and discomfort differs from person to person. In certain cases, if the patient has a low pain tolerance or sensitive teeth, then the severity of the pain may increase. 

Along with this, there are several other advantages of clear braces. The first and foremost benefit is that since these braces are less visible than the metal ones, it is the ideal choice for adults who may not want to have any effect of the braces on the appearance of their teeth. They also tend to be more comfortable and convenient for the patients as they are quite user-friendly. 

However, even though clear braces have several advantages, it is essential to note that they may be heavier on the pocket as well in comparison to the traditional metal braces. 

 Please Note: Consult your dental professional regarding the type of braces, crowns, or any other orthodontic appliances you might require for your dental concern. The dentist will be able to guide you in a more thorough and detailed way, weighing down all the pros and cons for the same.

Cleaning Around Braces:

Depending upon your dental requirement and preferences, your dental professional may suggest to you the type of braces that you can choose. Nonetheless, cleaning around braces can be quite challenging at the first go, be it clear or metal ones.

To solve this concern, we have a few tips that will ensure that you thoroughly clean every corner of the mouth, even while wearing braces. 

Switch To Modern Oral Care: An electric toothbrush and water flosser is ideal to clean the most hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, even if you're wearing any braces or orthodontic appliance. Moreover, they are easier to use and less painful, making them the perfect alternative to your traditional oral care solutions. One can choose from the extensive range of dental products depending on the water flosser and electric toothbrush price, features, design, and much more. 

Oracura's water flossers come with an orthodontic nozzle tip that is specially designed to ensure the utmost professional-like cleaning around the braces, crowns, and other dental implants. 

If you're someone who's using the traditional brushing & flossing method, do make sure to consider the modern smart brushes & water flossers. They are less painful & more effective. The water flosser and electric toothbrush price may depend on various factors such as brand, warranty, quality, features, and design. 

Healthy Diet: If you're someone who's wearing dental braces, then it is likely that your dental professional may have given you a list of foods that you may want to exclude from your diet. Typically, it is ideal to stay away from sticky and hard food items, which can in turn damage the wire and brackets of your braces. It is also ideal to limit your sugar consumption in order to ensure that your teeth remain healthy & fresh. 

Regular Visit To The Dentist: Make sure that you visit your dentist at regular intervals for dental check-ups. This will help them to keep a check on the progression of your orthodontic treatment and they may also examine whether or not you've been ensuring proper cleaning around the braces.