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Dental Bonding vs Dental Filling

Aug 31, 2022

Dental Bonding vs Dental Filling

Tooth decay or chipping of the tooth can be quite a painful experience. At such times, it is essential to visit your dentist and get the required dental treatment at the earliest to prevent further damage to the teeth. With the advancement in dental technology, there are a number of options available today, depending on individual oral care requirements and preferences.

Dental bonding and filling are two such widely used dentistry treatment options available today. However, quite often people get confused between the two procedures. While dental bonding and dental filling can sound quite similar in the first go, they both have their own individual uniqueness.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a treatment that addresses an individual's cosmetic and restorative concerns. It is the process where the teeth are fixed whilst keeping their functionality and appearance into consideration. The procedure of dental bonding can be used to treat various dental concerns such as the chipping of the teeth, discoloration, and even tooth gaps. The material that is used for bonding also differs from that used in the process of tooth filling. A tooth-colored composite resin material is used for shaping the tooth and changing its color to ensure that the aesthetic of the tooth is kept intact. Moreover, dental bonding is quite an economical option to consider if you're looking for a cosmetic and restorative enhancement of your tooth.

What is Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are primarily used for restorative purposes wherein damaged or decayed teeth are repaired with the fillings. It is an ideal choice for long-term treatment of the teeth and is quite strong & durable. Tooth decay is one of the leading oral care concerns, and fillings are an effective way to treat the same. Several types of materials can be used for the procedure which include Silver, Gold, Porcelain, and White tooth-colored composite filling amongst others. The durability of the filling depends highly on the material used and the aftercare that an individual takes for their oral health.

Need For Proper Care of Dental Bonding & Fillings:

Whether you go for dental bonding or filling, it is of utmost importance to take proper care of your oral health post the procedure. This also determines how long your filling or treatment will last. In order to begin your advanced dental journey, it is recommended to switch to electric toothbrushes and opt for the best water flosser in India to clean all the isolated corners of the mouth in an easy-to-use and pain-free way.

These modern oral care solutions also come with various nozzle tips, working modes, and advanced features that add a personalized touch to an individual's brushing and flossing journey. One can conduct their own research and take advice from their dental professionals to purchase the best water flosser in India.

Note: If you're facing pain or discomfort in your teeth or gums, then please visit your dentist for a proper oral care examination. Your dental professional will be able to advise you regarding the need for dental bonding or filling, depending on your oral health, requirements, and preferences.