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5 Dangers of Stuck Food Particles Between Teeth; Ways to Remove it!

Dec 08, 2021

5 Dangers of Stuck Food Particles Between Teeth; Ways to Remove it!

Despite practicing healthy oral care practices, food particles get stuck in the tiny, hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. This can result in discomfort and irritation between the teeth. But did you know that if left untreated, these food residues can cause bigger harm to your oral health? 

Yes, it is important to ensure timely removal of the food residues from the mouth. This can be done with the implementation of a healthy & effective oral care routine. 

In this blog, we'll take you to the dangers of the food stuck between the teeth along with ways to cure them. Have a look: 

5 Dangers of Stuck Food Residues on Your Oral Health:

1] Tooth Decay: When food residue gets stuck between the teeth, the bacteria in our mouth feed on the leftover particles and produce acid. This acid can then harm the enamel i.e. the outer protective layer of the teeth, leading to tooth decay and other oral problems. 

2] Bad Breath: The food particles between your teeth can also cause an unpleasant odour in your mouth i.e. bad breath or halitosis. These food residues get broken down by the bacterias in the mouth resulting in bad breath. 

3] Gum Inflammation: Apart from tooth decay, these food particles can also cause gum inflammation, leading to several severe gum problems. Sometimes, the food stuck between the teeth lodges into the gums as well, which can cause irritation and swelling. 

4] Sharp pain in the mouth: Certain food when gets lodged between the tooth and the gums can cause a sharp pain in the mouth. The level of pain can intensify due to harder & sharper food residues, for eg. popcorn. The pain might get stronger if there's any kind of pressure applied on that tooth. 

5] Infection: If the food resides in the mouth for a longer duration, it can lead to several oral infections. This can lead to various health concerns. Make sure to remove the food particles at the earliest.


Here are some ways of how you can remove the food that is stuck in your teeth: 

1] Brush Your Teeth: Using a toothbrush with soft bristles may help in pushing out the food particles from the teeth. Make sure to brush twice daily to ensure healthy oral care, free from dental cavities and tooth decay. 


2] Use a water flosser: A more effective way to eliminate the food residues between the tiniest gap of the teeth is by using a water flosser. The high-pressure water jet reaches the most hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, ensuring utmost hygiene and thorough cleaning. 

3] Rinse after eating:
As straightforward as it sounds, rinsing your mouth after meals helps in keeping the teeth clean and dislodging the food particles. 

4] Visiting a dentist:
If the particle is still stuck between the teeth after trying the above methods, it is best recommended to visit your dentist for quick removal. Remember, the longer you let the food residue stay in the mouth, the higher would be your risk of oral problems. Get professional help to avoid any major oral health concerns.