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How To Brush Your Baby's Teeth

Jan 24, 2023

How To Brush Your Baby's Teeth

When it comes to oral health, it is best to start taking care of your gums and teeth at the earliest. But what about your baby? As a parent, how early should you start brushing your baby's teeth?

It is recommended to start taking care of your baby's oral health even before the first tooth has emerged. Yes, that's right! This can be done by gently wiping your baby's gums with a clean and damp washcloth. This will help in removing all the bacteria and germs that may have accumulated on your child's gums.

Over time, when more teeth begin to erupt in your baby's mouth, it can be advisable to use a small soft toothbrush and gently clean the teeth & gums twice every day to ensure proper dental hygiene. It is recommended to book dental appointments for your baby at regular intervals in order to take the next step for their oral health.

When your baby reaches a certain age, it may be time for you to introduce the usage of fluoridated toothpaste in their oral care routine. Just use a pea-sized amount to gently clean their teeth and gums thoroughly. Upon consultation with a dental professional, one may also want to introduce flossing to their children. Make sure that your child follows the oral care routine under adult supervision.

On consultation with a dentist, post the age of 8, one can also introduce modern dental products such as an electric brush and water flosser for teeth for their child, under adult supervision to ensure utmost cleaning of their gums & teeth. However, make sure to use oral care solutions that are kid-friendly and always visit a dental professional for a regular dental health checkup of your child.

Tips on brushing baby's teeth:

The kind of method that will be used to brush your baby's teeth will differ depending on various factors such as age, number of teeth, and more:

Choosing the right toothbrush for a baby is extremely essential. Always go for a toothbrush with soft bristles and a proper grip, to ensure ease and comfort in brushing. One should also take the size of the baby's mouth into consideration in order to purchase a brush that best fits their dental health.

Make sure that you brush their teeth for the dentist's recommended 2 minutes, twice every day. Do not over brush and be gentle while cleaning their gums and teeth. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and brush in a circular motion. Depending on your kid's age, one can begin flossing their teeth at least once a week, and gradually increase the frequency of the same.

Ensure that you take proper care of your child's oral care solutions, in order to keep them safe and hygienic for a long period. Throw away the brush heads and replace them with a new one after every 3-4 months. Make sure that your kid washes the toothbrush thoroughly after every use and stores it in a cool & dry place.

Follow the above-mentioned tips on brushing baby's teeth in order to ensure a hassle-free and easy morning routine for you and your child.

Begin your baby's oral care journey at the earliest to ensure a healthy lifestyle!