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Are Electric Toothbrush And Water Flossers Better?

Jan 21, 2023

Are Electric Toothbrush And Water Flossers Better?

In order to keep up with today's fast-paced modern lifestyle, one must take some extra efforts for their dental health. Manual brushing and flossing are not enough to reach every isolated area of the mouth. Moreover, these dental solutions can be quite time-consuming at times. So, what's the solution?

Today's modern lifestyle requires modern oral care solutions. Daily use of an electric toothbrush and a dental water flosser is the best choice for people wanting to attain a more effective and hassle-free oral care routine. In this blog, we'll discuss in detail whether using these advanced dental solutions is the better choice. Read on to know more:

1] Better Cleanse: It is scientifically proven that using a water flosser® and an electric brush is more effective in removing plaque and tartar build-up from the mouth than traditional oral care solutions. This is because these modern dental tools come with various advanced features that help in ensuring a thorough and more effective cleanse in every hard-to-reach corner of the mouth

The ultra-fine jet of a water flosser® reaches deep within the teeth to remove the stuck food residues. Whereas, the high vibrations of an electric toothbrush are effective in whisking away plaque and other harmful bacteria from the mouth.

2] Quicker & Easy To Use: An electric brush and dental flosser are ergonomically designed, to make brushing and flossing a quick and hassle-free routine for you and your loved ones. ORACURA® smart toothbrushes come with a 2-minute built-in auto timer that helps an individual to brush for the optimal duration, avoiding both over and under-brushing of the teeth. Water flossers come with various working modes and upgraded features, making it a seamless activity for all.

3] Personalized Care: In order to serve the varying dental needs of individuals, a water flosser® and an automatic toothbrush offer various operation modes that a user can select from. This will help in providing personalized care for all, ensuring better cleansing. Moreover, there is a wide range of nozzle tips that are available with ORACURA® water flossers which an individual can select from. These include the standard tip, tongue scraper, orthodontic tip, and more.

4] Ideal For Braces: Brushing and flossing around your teeth while wearing braces or any other orthodontic appliance can be quite challenging. If not used correctly, one may experience gum bleeding while using a traditional thread flosser. On the other hand, a water flosser® and an electric brush offer pain-free and thorough cleaning. Thus, if you're someone who wears dental braces, then it is ideal to switch to modern oral care solutions at the earliest.

5] Suitable For All Age Groups: ORACURA® water flossers and electric brushes are suitable for people of all age groups, including kids above the age of 8. One can select the dental flosser that comes with varied water pressure settings, allowing people to floss as per their own oral health requirements. Moreover, the electric brush comes with soft bristles which ensure gentle and pain-free cleaning of the mouth.

By taking the above-mentioned points into consideration, we can conclude that buying an electric brush and a dental water flosser can be a great investment for your oral health. Switch to modern dental solutions today for the healthy smiles of you and your family.