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Diastema: Understanding The Causes of Gap In Front Teeth

Jan 07, 2023

Diastema: Understanding The Causes of Gap In Front Teeth

Many times, some individuals may witness a gap or space between teeth which is wider than usual. It may happen in both children as well as adults and it is more common than you might think. This oral health condition is known as a diastema.

The gap can occur anywhere in the mouth. However, the most common area is the two upper front teeth. The size of the gap also differs from person to person. Although diastema does not usually have any negative impact on your oral health, it can sometimes be a symptom of gum disease. If an individual is unhappy about the appearance of the tooth gap, they can choose to close the same with various treatment options that are available today.

What Are The Causes of Diastema?

There are several reasons why one may develop a gap between teeth. Given below are some of the causes of diastema. Have a look:

1] Many times, it can simply be the result of the size of the teeth & the jawbone. When a person's teeth are too small in comparison to their jawbone, they may witness gaps between the teeth as the teeth will then be spaced too far apart. Genetics also play a major role in determining the size of the teeth & the jawbone.

2] Several bad habits such as sucking the thumb & lip, tongue thrusting, and others can lead to diastema. This is because these habits put pressure on the front teeth, which then pushes them forward.

3] Certain gum diseases may also be one of the leading contributing factors to this oral health condition. The gums and tissues that support teeth may get damaged due to inflammation. It can result in tooth loss and the formation of gaps between teeth.

4] When swallowing reflexes happen incorrectly, it can result in diastema. An individual may push their tongue against the front teeth. Even though it may seem harmless, the repetitiveness of this action may put too much pressure against the front teeth over time which causes a gap between teeth.

There are several ways in which your dental professional may treat or narrow the gaps between the teeth. Braces, dental bonding, veneers, and dental implants are some of the common types of dental procedures that may be used by your dentist. The type of treatment may depend on several factors such as the size of the gap, your oral health condition, and much more.

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