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Common Misconceptions About Electric Toothbrushes

Feb 15, 2023

Common Misconceptions About Electric Toothbrushes

For several years, dentists have been encouraging patients to switch to electric toothbrushes. Only when you try an advanced electric toothbrush for yourself will you realize how much it can bring. Contrary to popular belief, electric toothbrushes have been on the market for decades. But only relatively recently, the popularity and sales of such devices have grown significantly.

One of the reasons many people use manual toothbrushes is because they believe in some common misconceptions. So if you've been thinking about switching to an electric toothbrush, but  still aren't quite sure, check these common misconceptions and see how much you've bought:

There's no significant difference between the two

This statement is only true until you try out the electric toothbrush and see the difference for yourself. However, if you have been brushing with an incorrect technique, none of the toothbrushes, electric or regular, will seem to make any difference. The electric toothbrushes have the ability to rotate themselves while you’re brushing so as to ensure thorough cleaning from even the nooks and crannies where the regular toothbrush simply cannot reach.

Electric toothbrushes cause oral injuries

Because of its nature of being electric, it is often thought that using electric toothbrushes may give rise to oral injuries. However, this is not completely true. Given that you’re not putting any external pressure while brushing or using it incorrectly, electric toothbrushes are very safe to use. Due to the ease of use, Electric toothbrushes could actually be the best alternative to upgrade your dental hygiene and ensure your mouth remains clean and free from bacteria that usually clings to the teeth.

Electric Toothbrushes are not for everyone

This is a very common myth that most people have thinking that electric toothbrushes are only for people with specific needs. They may come in handy for people with lacking dexterity or who have physical ailments and who find manual toothbrushing particularly challenging. With that being said, it is equally beneficial for anyone who’s looking to upgrade their dental care routine and have cleaner and more hygienic teeth. Right from a kid to an adult, it offers the same functionalities and features.

Electric Toothbrushes have become the need of the hour given the lifestyle we lead today where food is a central part of our lives. With regular munching and the kind of food we’re eating, a stronger cleaning mechanism needs to be in the play to be able to support our eating habits and help us keep the health of our teeth and gums. Electric Toothbrushes are a great choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their oral care routine given their ability to reach and clean the areas where even the normal toothbrush can’t.