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9 Expert Recommended Tips For Good Oral Hygiene

Nov 05, 2022

9 Expert Recommended Tips For Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene affects the overall health of an individual. Thus, it is essential to take proper care of one's dental hygiene. Along with brushing & flossing, we also need to inculcate several healthy practices in our daily lifestyle for proper oral care.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of 9 such tips for oral hygiene recommended by experts. Have a look:

1] Brush Daily: The first step to inculcating the practice of good oral hygiene is to brush twice every day. It is recommended to use an electric toothbrush for more thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach corners of the mouth. Moreover, these dental products help in making brushing easy to use and hassle-free with their smart timer assistance & varied brushing modes.

2] Use A Dental Flosser: Just brushing is not sufficient in eliminating food residues stuck amid the tiny gaps between teeth. It is important to floss daily. When it comes to flossing, a water flosser for teeth ensures a painless and effective cleaning of the mouth. Moreover, they are the ideal choice for people wearing braces or any other orthodontic appliance. To maintain proper oral hygiene, one must use an electric toothbrush and a water flosser for teeth to effectively clean their mouth.

3] Limit Sugar Consumption: Overconsumption of sugary food and beverages is quite harmful to oral health. This is because the harmful bacteria in the mouth use sugar to produce acids, which in turn destroy the enamel of the tooth. Enamel is the hard outer protective layer of the tooth. Thus, in order to avoid the risk of decay and cavities, it is essential to limit your sugar consumption.

4] Visit The Dentist: Ideally, one should visit a dental professional once every 6 months. The dentist will be able to examine your oral health, thus preventing the risk of serious dental concerns. It is important to get your teeth examined regularly so that the dentist can detect an oral problem in its initial stage itself.

5] Use Soft Bristled Toothbrush: While choosing a toothbrush, be it a manual or an electric one, make sure to select a soft-bristled brush. Hard bristles can lead to gum bleeding, tooth abrasion, and more, causing more harm than good. It is also advised to not brush too aggressively and be gentle while cleaning your teeth & gums.

6] Stop Smoking: Smoking and consuming tobacco-based products are harmful to both oral as well as overall health. Smoking leads to several dental concerns such as tooth staining, gum diseases, tooth loss, oral cancer, and more. Take the right step for your health and quit smoking today.

7] Stay Hydrated: Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. It helps in keeping your mouth clean and fresh at all times. One should also rinse their mouth with plain water to eliminate the leftover loose food particles from the mouth.

8] Replace Your Products At Regular Intervals: It is extremely important to replace your brush heads and nozzle tips of a water flosser® after every 3-4 months. This helps in keeping your dental products hygienic and clean. Make sure that you always replace your damaged or frayed brush head. Moreover, store these dental products in a cool & dry place, not very close to each other.

9] Don't Forget To Clean The Tongue: Bacteria gets accumulated on the surface of the tongue, which can eventually lead to several health problems. Thus, one must always properly clean their tongue along with brushing & flossing. ORACURA® offers a special tongue scraper nozzle tip that one can use with its water flossers.

Follow these 9 tips for oral hygiene to keep your teeth & gums healthy!