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5 Reasons To Gift Your Mom Advanced Oral Care

Apr 26, 2022

5 Reasons To Gift Your Mom Advanced Oral Care

Moms are the biggest source of strength and inspiration in our lives. With Mother's Day around the corner, it is essential that we select a gift for her that is as unique and special as her. 

However, we do realise that choosing the perfect gift for your mom can be quite a challenging task. What can we give to thank and appreciate her for all that she has done for us, for all the sacrifices that she has endured? 

Well, to solve this problem, ORACURA presents you with the perfect gift of healthy smiles! Yes, this Mother's Day, shower your mom with the love of our advanced range of oral care solutions. 

In this blog, we have listed below 5 such reasons why giving her our easy-to-use, sleek, and effective water flossers and sonic electric toothbrushes can be your ideal mother's day gift. Have a look: 

1] For Her Better Health: Did you know that a good and effective oral care routine not only helps in preventing you from dental diseases but it also prevents you from various serious health concerns. This is because your oral health is directly linked with your overall health. Giving your mom the gift of an oral care solution will ensure that her overall health is taken utmost care of. 

2] Hassle-free Morning Routine: Using a manual toothbrush and a thread flosser can come with its own set of challenges that can make your morning dental routine quite time-consuming and stressful. Moreover, a traditional thread flosser can be abrasive on the teeth, leading to bleeding of the gums. Apart from this, if you're someone who wears an orthodontic appliance, it can get difficult to effectively cleanse the hard-to-reach corners of the mouth. 

This is why the gift of an advanced oral care solution will help in making the morning routine of your mom quick and hassle-free. It's easy to use, pain-free, and comes with various working modes that you can choose from according to your dental requirements.

3] The Gift of A Beautiful Smile: This Mother's day, take the pledge to never let your mom's beautiful smile fade away. ORACURA's gift of healthy smiles ensures the complete protection of teeth and gums by preventing them from germs & harmful bacteria. 

4] Way To Treat Those Sweet Cravings: Mother's Day is incomplete without treating those sweet cravings with your mom's favourite dessert or beverage. However, too much sugary food in the diet can harm your oral health. This is because the bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar to produce acid which later damages the tooth enamel. 

By giving your mom the gift of our advanced oral care solutions, you can fulfill your sweet cravings without compromising on oral health. However, make sure to not go overboard with the sugary treats, and remember to use a smart electric brush & water flosser before going to bed. 

5] Advanced Oral Care: ORACURA's gift of healthy smiles will help in upgrading dental routine with our extensive range of water flossers and sonic electric toothbrushes. It comes with various modern features including timer assistance, various working modes, a high-speed water jet, and much more to make your mom's brushing journey a seamless ride. 

This Mother's Day, take care of your Mother's health with the gift of Healthy Smiles!