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5 Oral Care Tips for Kids

Oct 26, 2021

5 Oral Care Tips for Kids
As adults, it is easier to understand the importance of practicing a good oral care routine for overall healthy well-being. However, it is equally important to develop the same oral hygiene into the lifestyle of your kid and make it a part of their daily routine.

Taking proper care of your child's oral well-being can work wonders for their health. However, as a parent, it can get a little overwhelming to make brushing and cleaning fun and engaging for them.

In this blog, we have accumulated 5 ways in which you can keep your child's teeth & gums healthy. Let's begin!

1] Brush gently: In order to maintain the utmost oral health of your kids, it is essential to brush for 2-minutes, at least twice a day. However, make sure to use a soft bristle brush to brush the teeth of your child & do it in a gentle way to avoid abrasion on teeth. This will also prevent them from having a painful experience, which can be the result of improper brushing. Use a pea-sized quantity of toothpaste to brush the teeth thoroughly by cleaning every area of the mouth.

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2] Use a Water Flosser: Using a water flosser will not only help in removing plaque & cover hard-to-reach areas of the mouth but it is also a fun activity for kids. While a thread flosser can be too abrasive on the kid's teeth, using a water flosser is a more gentle, easier & quick way of providing absolute oral care. For kids aged more than 6 years, flossing is a great way to remove all the germs from the mouth and ensure complete oral care.

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3] Make it a joint activity: One of the major problems that parents face is the reluctance of kids to indulge in a proper oral care routine. This is why it is of utmost importance to make oral care fun for kids. Make daily brushing and flossing a joint activity. Children look up to their parents and in this way, you can set a great example for healthy oral care. This is also beneficial to supervise the kid's brushing and flossing technique and correct the same if needed.

4] Limit Sugary Food and Drinks: Kids are exposed to a high amount of sugary foods, be it in their favourite chocolate or a soda. When we consume sugar, the bacteria in the mouth work to break it down and produce acid in the process. This acid destroys the enamel i.e. the outer layer of the teeth, which can lead to cavities and tooth decay.

Therefore, it is important to limit the consumption of sugary food and drinks and switch to a healthier lifestyle & dietary habits.

5] Dental appointments: Make sure you book regular dental visits for your child's complete oral check-up. These visits should be at least twice a year, where the dentist can thoroughly check your kid’s oral health, signs for cavities, or prevent other types of oral diseases.

Inculcate these 5 habits into your child's lifestyle for their healthy & strong teeth!