Implant Tip of Smart Water Flosser®
Implant Tip of Smart Water Flosser®
Implant Tip of Smart Water Flosser®

Implant Tip of Smart Water Flosser®

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Packages: Implant Tip X 1
Implant Tip X 1
Implant Tip X 2
Implant Tip X 3

Product Description (Implant tip)

Elevate your oral care routine with the ORACURA® Implant Tip, designed specifically for Smart Water Flossers. This specialized tip is crafted to provide targeted care for dental implants, ensuring effective cleaning around implant surfaces, preventing plaque buildup, and promoting overall implant health.

To use the Implant Tip safely, position it around the implant area and activate your Smart Water Flosser at a moderate pressure setting. Enjoy a thorough and gentle cleaning experience tailored for dental implants.

Advanced Features

  • Precise Implant Care: The Implant Tip is engineered for precision, allowing you to target the areas around dental implants with ease, maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

  • Easy Integration: Designed to seamlessly integrate with your Smart Water Flosser, the Implant Tip is user-friendly and enhances your overall dental care routine.

  • Advanced Implant Protection: Protect your investment in dental implants by incorporating the Implant Tip into your daily oral care regimen. Maintain a clean and healthy environment around your implants.


The Implant Tip is Compatible With:

  • OC001 Smart Water Flosser®
  • OC100 Smart Water Flosser®
  • OC010 Smart Water Flosser®
  • OC200 LITE Smart PLUS Water Flosser®
  • OC150 LITE Smart PLUS Water Flosser®
  • OCE01 Eco Water Flosser®
  • OC450 (OC500) Countertop Smart Water Flosser®
  • OC300 Smart Pro Water Flosser®

Package Details & Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH): 9 x 2 x 14.5 cms
Weight: 22 gms
Package Content: Pack of 1/Pack of 2/Pack of 3
Colour: Transpharant