ORACURA Standard Tip for OC001 and OC002

Standard Nozzle Tips separately available in a pair, ideal for inter-dental cleaning. Compatible with Oral Care (ORACURA) OC001 Smart Water Flosser


Brighten your smile with a more effective flosser !

Advanced protection against bacteria
Removes Bacteria Deep Between Teeth And Below The Gumline.
Improves gum health
Removes Food Particles, Massages And Stimulates Gum resulting in healthier gums.
Superior cleaning
Ideal For standard flossing requirement and implant maintenance.
  • Pack of two different colors nozzles, Green & Blue, for multi user option.
  • Position The Water Jet Flow At 90° Angle To The Teeth And Gums for better results.
  • Move The Water Jet Slowly Along The Teeth And Turn The Tip Around To Irrigate Any Area making easy to use.
  • Brand: ORACURA
  • Model: OC010200
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9 x 2 x 14.5 cms
  • Weight: 20 gms
  • Package Content: 2 Tips
  • User Age: +10 yrs
  • Colour: White with Blue and Green rings
  • Technical details:
  • Compatible with: OC001 and OC002
  • Warranty: Not Applicable
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