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What Causes & How To Treat Grey Stains on Teeth?

Dec 15, 2022

What Causes & How To Treat Grey Stains on Teeth?

Quite often, due to several factors, one may experience that their teeth are losing their natural white shine, leading to tooth discoloration. The discoloration is of several types. Over time, one may notice that their teeth are beginning to turn grey. These grey stains on teeth can be the result of a number of causes.

Please visit your dental professional for proper evaluation if you notice any signs of grey stains. Early treatment will help save both time and money.

Causes of Grey Stains on Teeth

1] Tooth Decay: If a single tooth turns grey, it can be the result of pulp necrosis. In this condition, the innermost layer of the tooth i.e. the pulp dies. Since the flow of blood is also cut in the process of decay, it may lead to the tooth turning greyish in colour.

2] Dental Restorations: Many times, certain materials that are used to restore or fill the cavities in the tooth can lead to tooth discoloration. Metal crowns or silver fillings may contribute to the tooth turning greyish.

3] Ageing: With ageing, one may experience several oral and health-related conditions. Thus, the grey stains on the teeth can sometimes just be the result of age-related concerns.

4] Trauma: Dental trauma such as injuries to the teeth can also lead to teeth turning grey. This is because due to the trauma, one may experience disruption of the blood flow to the tooth, causing it to turn grey.

Apart from this, there can be several other reasons why one may experience grey staining of the tooth. Always consult your dentist to attain the best treatment and examination of your teeth & gums.

How To Treat Grey Stains?

There are several treatment options that a dentist may recommend to treat the grey tooth. This will vary depending on the severity of the dental health concern and individual oral care requirements.

Several whitening methods can be used to treat the grey stains. However, it is essential to note that tooth whitening may work better on yellow teeth than on grey ones. Your dentist will guide you towards the best whitening treatment which can either be at-home products or in-office professional treatment.

In professional whitening treatments, the dentist may apply a solution of hydrogen peroxide to the teeth which may be combined with a special light to accelerate the process. The dentist may also use dental veneers or crowns that are fitted over the tooth, to make it seem natural and white.

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