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What Are The Ways To Whiten Yellow Teeth?

Sep 08, 2022

What Are The Ways To Whiten Yellow Teeth?

Tooth discoloration or yellow teeth is the process where the teeth experience a change in their color and don't look as white or bright as they used to. The teeth often turn dark or yellow. Yellow teeth can be a result of several factors including age-related concerns as well as serious underlying dental problems.

Many times, the enamel i.e. the outer protective layer of the teeth starts wearing down, making the yellow dentin underneath the teeth more visible.

Not only this, but a majority of times, one may also experience tooth discoloration as a result of the food or drink they consume on an everyday basis. Certain beverages such as cola, tea, and coffee may stain the teeth. Along with this, if you're someone who smokes or consumes tobacco products, then you may be likely to experience tooth discoloration.

Yellow teeth can also be the result of poor dental hygiene. Quite often food residues may get stuck amid the gaps between the teeth, leading to plaque and stains. One must ensure that they clean their mouth thoroughly with a smart brush and dental flosser in order to prevent yellow teeth.

Ways to Whiten The Teeth:

There are several ways in which one can whiten their yellow teeth. Read on to know more:

1] Smart Brush, Twice A Day: A good oral care practice is the ideal step to ensure that your teeth remain fresh and clean at all times, free from untreated debris in the mouth. A manual toothbrush is unable to clean all the areas of the mouth, which can, in turn, lead to yellow teeth. Thus, it is recommended to switch to the best electric toothbrush depending on your oral care requirement.

2] Switch To Water Flossers: Did you know that excessive plaque build-up can result in yellowing of the teeth? To solve this concern, one must make the right healthy choice by cleaning their mouth with a dental flosser. It is effective in removing 99.9% plaque and tartar build-up from the mouth, ensuring a professional-like cleanse after every use. Along with this, a dental flosser comes with varied nozzle tips and working modes that help an individual to floss as per their oral health concern.

Thus, regular smart brushing and water flossing will help your teeth to remain white & fresh.

3] Coconut oil pulling: There are several home remedies that may help you decrease the level of stain on your teeth. One such trusted method is coconut oil pulling. A lot of people have found this method to be very useful & beneficial.

How to apply: Just gently rub the coconut oil on the gums & teeth for 2-minutes before rinsing it with water. Make sure that you don't swallow the oil and use high-quality and organic coconut oil.

4] Say No To Tobacco Products: Smoking and Tobacco are not only bad for your general health but also stain your teeth, leading to discoloration. These stains can be hard to remove and also lead to several other oral health concerns. Thus, in order to prevent yellow teeth, quit smoking today.

5] Dental Treatment: You can also visit your dentist for professional treatments of teeth whitening. This method will ensure you get noticeably white teeth in a short span of time. However, these procedures can be a little heavier on the pocket in comparison to the above remedies. Nonetheless, it is always recommended to have a healthy oral care routine, even if you have perfect white & clean teeth.

Note: Do consult your dentist for treating the yellow teeth and examine whether the discoloration is the result of other prevailing underlying oral health concerns. You can also conduct your own research and draw comparisons in order to purchase the best electric toothbrush and water flosser available on the market today.