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The Importance of ORACURA's Advanced Solutions for Luxurious Hotels!

Jun 13, 2022

The Importance of ORACURA's Advanced Solutions for Luxurious Hotels!

Now, more than ever, maintaining utmost hygiene has become a topmost priority. The hospitality industry in particular which was most affected by the lockdown has seen a drastic change in its way of providing excellent service & care to the consumers. It is essential to realize that in today's times, a high level of hygiene and health care is one of the key promotional points for a majority of hotels. The greater standard of cleanliness and importance to health will keep the guests of the hotel delighted & stress-free, increasing the overall image and reputation of the brand. 

The first step of ensuring healthy overall well-being is by maintaining a good oral care regime. Our mouth is the pathway to the body, making it an entry point for several bacterias and germs. Thus it is extremely necessary to take proper precautions and care of oral health in order to avoid the increased risks of other various complicated health concerns.

To take the extra mile for the safety of its esteemed guests, upscale and luxurious hotels can make the addition of advanced oral care solutions in their hotel rooms. This will help in developing a more customer-friendly relation and provide them an environment where their health is taken utmost care of. 

There are several reasons why a high-end hotel should consider the inclusion of our premium oral care solutions for their dental kit. Have a look: 

Keeps the guests stress-free & builds trust: Be it work meetings or a family vacation, people have now finally started finding the confidence of staying in a hotel by taking all the necessary precautions. It is the need of the hour to not neglect the importance of hygiene and ensure the maintenance of overall health. This is where our oral care solutions come into the picture. 

Offering advanced dental care to your esteemed customers also sends across a trustworthy and positive message that you care about their health. It will help in developing a feeling of mutual trust and support, which will, in turn, build customer loyalty and brand image. 

2] Varied models to choose from: Depending upon the requirement, one can choose from our wide range of water flossers and sonic electric toothbrushes. The hotel can select the desired model and categorize it in accordance with their various services & rooms offered, for eg. premium rooms, luxury suites, etc. 

ORACURA's Tabletop PLUS Water Flosser OC300 is a family model which offers a higher water tank capacity i.e. of 600ml. It also provides 10 adjustable settings to control the water pressure. This water flosser is easy-to-use and effective for both children as well as elderly people. Thus, this model fits perfectly for different types of suites provided by the hotel, that can accommodate a larger group of people. 

Apart from this, one can also make the inclusion of ORACURA's Sonic Plus Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush SB300. It provides the world's highest sonic speed i.e. 48,000 strokes per minute. With a 2-minutes smart auto timer, it enables swift and easy cleanse of the mouth. 

3] Upgraded Oral Health of the guests: The hotel can provide upgraded oral care hygiene to its esteemed guests with Oracura's special combo pack. The amalgamation of water flossers and sonic electric toothbrushes helps in the absolute elimination of germs and bacteria from the mouth. In order to maintain a friendly & loyal customer base, the inclusion of our advanced oral care solution will provide an extra edge in taking absolute care of the guest's overall health concerns. 

ORACURA offers an extensive range of water flossers and sonic electric toothbrushes that the hotel can choose from, depending upon their requirement and price range. 

Let's ensure to provide a healthy & bright smile to the guests, together!