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Is Water Flosser better than Air Flosser? Everything You Need To Know!

Feb 17, 2022

Is Water Flosser better than Air Flosser? Everything You Need To Know!

The modern advancement in the oral care industry has definitely helped in making the everyday dental health routine simpler, quicker & more efficient. Instead of traditional thread flossing, people are now resorting to Water Flossers and Air Flossers in order to take their oral health to the next level. 

However, it can be a challenging task to select the right method of flossing to achieve the ultimate dental care. Both the methods have their own set of advantages & disadvantages and it is essential to weigh the two before coming to a conclusion.

A Water Flosser or an Oral Irrigator uses the continuous high pressure of the pulsating flow of water to deeply cleanse between the teeth & below the gum-line. Whereas, an Air Flosser uses micro water droplets along with the stream of air to thoroughly remove bacteria while attacking the germs. 

While both Water Flossers & Air Flossers help in elevating your oral health to the next level, it is always recommended to consider all the factors before making the final call. 

In the following blog, we have compiled a list of 5 reasons why a water flosser can be the better flossing method for your dental health. 

1] More effective: The ultra-fine water jet spray of a water flosser helps in removing more plaque and tartar build-up, ensuring an effective and thorough cleanse. Along with this, its 360-degree rotary nozzle helps in cleaning every hard-to-reach area of the mouth. This method of flossing is highly efficient in attaining healthy gums & teeth. 

2] Various nozzle tips for individual oral care requirements: ORACURA's Water Flossers come with varied nozzle tips that one can select as per their dental requirements during their oral care journey. One can also purchase additional nozzle tips including orthodontic tips, pocket tips, standard tips, and much more. The orthodontic tip is specifically designed for people with orthodontic appliances whereas a pocket tip helps in the cleaning & protection of periodontal pockets.

Thus, depending on the need, a water flosser offers more personalized dental care. 

3] Wide range of Flosser Models: Water Flossers allows the user to choose amongst a wide range of oral care solutions in accordance with their comfort & ease in usage. The user can select between a cordless and a TableTop model depending upon their oral care requirements. 

One can also make the choice between a rechargeable or a battery-operated dental health solution. A rechargeable water flosser offers more convenience in usage whereas a battery-operated solution can be an economical choice.

4] Various pressure settings: Water Flosser provides various pressure setting controls for the user to select. This will help in determining the intensity of the flow of water. 

ORACURA's OC300 Tabletop Plus Water Flosser comes with 10 adjustable pressure setting controls in both clean and massage mode. 

5] Can easily remove the big stuck food particles: The high intensity of a water flosser helps in dislodging more food particles from deep within the teeth. This prevents the user from various oral health diseases such as tooth decay, cavities, and much more. 

Water Flossers offers various product ranges in terms of affordability, features & convenience. Thus one can always rely upon them to attain healthier gums & teeth.