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How To Introduce Kids To Electric Toothbrushes

Feb 18, 2023

How To Introduce Kids To Electric Toothbrushes

Getting your kids to follow the dental routine is a task; every parent has been there. Oral hygiene is a vital aspect and it’s important for kids to have a daily dental routine so their teeth and gums are in good health and they don’t face cavities or other such issues that more than half of children aged 6 to 8 go through.

Most parents struggle to get their kids into a regular habit of brushing and cleaning their teeth. Besides this, they may also find themselves wondering if an electric toothbrush could be a good choice or if the standard one should be it.

Standard vs Electric Toothbrush for Kids

You could choose to pick either of the toothbrushes for your kids. The main difference is that electric toothbrushes have a mechanism that moves the brush to clean teeth and gums. Needless to say that electric toothbrushes do offer effective cleaning even from the areas where the manual toothbrush can’t reach. And it can also be fun for children to use an electric toothbrush. Having said that, teaching them the correct technique to brush their teeth is the first step to having a dental routine - choosing the brush comes next.

So, if you’ve decided to have your kids use the electric toothbrush, here are some tips that you may find useful to introduce them to one.

Brushing should be fun, not a task

Kids do not have a sweet spot for chores, but for fun. If you manage to make brushing look like a fun task, there’s nothing beyond that you’ll have to do to convince them. And with an electric toothbrush, this becomes even easier because it does not appear to be as mundane as the regular toothbrush.

Don’t just preach, practice too

If you want your kids to follow a healthy dental routine, simply instructing them won’t do any good. You need to show them how by accompanying them every day. They learn by seeing, not hearing. Rather than telling them how to brush, show them how. Adopt good oral hygiene yourself to have your kids follow it too.

Add Flossing to make it fun

Flossing is a great way to make their oral care routine even better. It reaches the areas of the mouth where even the brush cannot. Water Flossers use a pointed stream of water to add to the cleaning of teeth and even massage gums. They reduce the chances of catching cavities, toothaches, gum inflammation, etc.

Lastly, be gentle while teaching your kids while educating them about oral care health and hence make them follow a good routine. It’s important for them to understand the techniques and importance of oral care. Following a routine then, will come naturally.