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How To Clean Braces?

Feb 01, 2023

How To Clean Braces?

Taking proper care of your oral hygiene becomes even more important if you're someone who wears braces or any other orthodontic appliances. Braces are often worn by individuals to correct several dental problems such as misalignment, crooked teeth, overcrowding, and much more. However, it can at times become quite challenging to clean your teeth & gums whilst wearing braces. Not only this, but it is also very essential to keep your braces clean in order to ensure the utmost hygiene of your mouth.

In this blog, we've listed down various tips that one must consider in order to keep braces clean. Read on to know more:

How To Clean Braces?

1] Use The Right Toothbrush : It is vital to brush your teeth thoroughly whilst wearing braces, in order to eliminate all the plaque and bacteria build-up from the mouth. A manual toothbrush may not be sufficient to ensure the utmost dental health. One must switch to modern oral care solutions such as an automatic toothbrush to gently brush every corner of the mouth and keep the braces clean at all times. An automatic toothbrush is easy to use, pain-free and comes with various advanced features that help an individual to brush according to their own dental requirements.

2] Don't Forget To Floss : Brushing and flossing always go hand in hand. A thread flosser, if not used properly, may lead to several dental concerns such as gum bleeding, tooth abrasion, and more. Thus, it is always recommended to switch to a water flosser® to help eliminate the stuck food residues from between the teeth and amid the wires of the braces in an easy and pain-free way. This will help in keeping your braces clean and safe.

ORACURA® offers the best water flosser in India and they come with varied nozzle tips such as standard tip, orthodontic tip, pocket tip, tongue scraper, and more for an individual to select from.

3] Avoid Food That May Damage Your Braces : Your dentist will recommend to you a list of food items that should be avoided in order to keep your braces clean and free from damage. This includes sticky food items such as caramel or gum that may get stuck within the braces. Along with this, hard food items that are difficult to chew or may damage your braces and teeth should also be avoided. This will include food items such as hard candy, nuts, and more. Popcorn is another such food that must be avoided if you're wearing braces.

Instead, follow a diet that is filled with healthy and nutrient-dense food, which will be good for your teeth and gums.

4] Regular Dental Checkups : Your orthodontist will inform you regarding the frequency of visits to the clinic in order to keep a check on your progress and examine your dental health. Make sure to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, in order to prevent any emerging dental concern in its initial stage itself.

The following recommendations should be followed to ensure the proper way of how to clean braces, for better oral and overall health.