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How To Choose An Infant Toothbrush

Nov 17, 2022

How To Choose An Infant Toothbrush

Right from an infant to an elderly person, oral hygiene is important for all. As soon as a child develops their first tooth, parents do become a little careful of their kid's oral health. But how do you maintain the proper oral health of an infant? What kind of toothbrush should you purchase? The wide variety of options available in the market today can make this decision a bit more challenging and confusing.

In this blog, we have listed down all the things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the right infant toothbrush. Have a look:

1] Soft Bristles: The first and foremost thing to ensure is that the toothbrush consists of very soft bristles. You want to make sure that your kid's teeth and gums are being cleaned thoroughly, without any excess pressure or force. Protect your child's mouth from plaque and other harmful bacteria in a painless and hassle-free way with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

2] Proper Size: While purchasing an infant toothbrush, it is essential to keep the size of your child's mouth into consideration. There are special toothbrushes for kids that are available in the market which consist of very small brush heads that will easily clean every corner of your child's mouth. Select a toothbrush that is made specifically for infants & toddlers.

3] Better Grip: Select a toothbrush that is easy to handle for your child. Toothbrushes come in a variety of sizes and styles. It is better to avoid chunky & large brushes and instead purchase one that is smaller in size and has a better grip. Make the process of brushing more comfortable and hassle-free for your child.

4] Fun Factor: Several times, it can be quite challenging to get your toddler or infant to brush. Thus, one can purchase a more child-friendly toothbrush with bright colours and cartoon characters which are drawn on them. This will make your child more interested in brushing daily. It is important to make brushing fun for your kids in order to make it a part of their daily lifestyle.

Just take a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and brush your child's mouth with a special toddler-friendly toothbrush to keep their teeth & gums healthy from a young age itself. However, it is also very important to replace your child's toothbrush after every 3-4 months. Follow the best hygiene practices for your kid's best oral health.

What About Electric Toothbrushes?

As your child grows slightly older, one can also purchase an electric toothbrush for kids. This will help in making their dental routine more effective, easy, and quick to use. Not only this but it will also ensure thorough cleaning of their teeth and gums. 

ORACURA® electric toothbrushes are recommended for children aged 8 years and above under parental supervision. These brushes have various features which include automatic timer assistance, multiple brushing modes, and more. It is recommended to consult your dental professional to choose an electric toothbrush for kids in order to make brushing effective and efficient for them.