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How Poor Dental Care Can Affect Your Overall Health ?

May 29, 2024

How Poor Dental Care Can Affect Your Overall Health ?,  electric toothbrush, water flossers

Your mouth is the busiest gateway. It teems with various types of bacterias, some of which are good and some, are extremely harmful.

Poor dental health creates chaos and a ripple effect in your body.Every aspect in your body is interrelated, and like we take care of our overall health, taking care of our dental health is just as important.

Let us explore the consequences of poor dental care:

  • Although these germs are mostly harmless, there are also some which can cause serious damage. Since the mouth is the entry to your digestive and respiratory tracts, the germs in your mouth can ultimately enter your body and blood stream. 

  • Certain medications can lower the flow of spit. Saliva washes away food and keeps the acids germs make in the mouth in balance. This helps keep the germs from spreading and causing diseases. 

  • Untreated cavities can lead to poor nutrition and stunted growth and development in children. Poor oral health can also contribute to Cellulitis, facial swelling and gum diseases. 

  • Studies have shown that the bacteria Porphyromonas Gingivalis bacteria can travel from the gums to the brain, where they emit enzymes and damage the brain resulting in Alzheimer's disease. 

  • Certain diseases can lower the body's ability to fight infection and its immunity. This can also result in making your oral health care worse.

  • Some studies have also shown a strong association between periodontal diseases and strokes.

  • Your oral health may play a part in conditions such as:

  1. Endocarditis

  2. Cardiovascular diseases

  3. Pneumonia

  4. Oral bacteria can travel into the bloodstream and cause harm to the fetus and develop pregnancy and birth complications.

In wrapping up our journey, remember: our mouth health links to our whole body health. But sit back and relax, because you have got powerful partners along with you to support you through this journey. ORACURAs electric toothbrush and water flossers. With the electric toothbrush, we clean better and protect our gums. Floss with water using the best water flossers and flush out debris, keeping our mouth fresh. Here's to a healthier tomorrow, one brush and floss at a time!